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“As the acclaimed yet controversial world leader, Darth Vader said: ‘This will be a day long remembered.’ As today we celebrate that we have achieved something special: we have finally graduated.” These are some of the opening remarks of the speech my classmate L. and I gave at – you guessed it – our graduation ceremony […]

According to my own analysis, I have been avoiding dealing with questions about my future for about a month now. I’ve been doing this by dedicating myself to summer camp, family, teaching English, and when all else fails, working out in the gym until I’m physically as tired as I mentally feel. I’m not sure […]

I think I somehow expected the end of this year to be marked by some sort of epic event, a trip, a wild party, just running around screaming “we did it!” while jumping unrealistically high, maybe fireworks and a Bollywood dance scene. You know, the usual. I expected to be relieved. To feel like I’ve […]

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away there was a desperate student trying to come up with a witty starting point to capture the attention of readers and seduce them into reading an almost 90 pages long thesis on the changing field of traditional Hungarian folk singing within the framework of the […]

Do not be fooled. By guide I mean: this is pretty much what we did and probably not what you should do because this is really designed for the curious, fun and (sometimes overly (I love you)) intellectual artist my brother is. By little brother I mean a 21 year old adult. By Rotterdam I […]

I made lists. An extensive word document with different categories. Creative writing and social sciences including cultural studies. Can I study all of this? Then I researched all possible programs available in English within Europe – because I had to start somewhere. Within these categories I collected all MA programs that sounded like I would […]

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