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Two fighter pilots got together at bar in London. They were sharing stories of the first flights they made. The first one said ‘I had this wonderful instructor, he told us exactly what to do in a neat handbook of 101 rules’. The second replied ‘My instructor only gave me 3 rules to follow’. The […]

A letter from the great adventurer himself…   My dearest friends, It has been a long and arduous journey across the sea to reach this secluded corner of the known world. I am now living amongst the natives, or as they call themselves Nederlanders, and want to tell you about it. It is surely an […]

Status is based on achievement. How much people respect you, listen to you and give you what you want comes from your abilities. In the professional world, this depends on your career, in the university world that is your GPA, brand internships, and board positions. The right answer to ‘What do you do?’ or ‘Where […]

We are all competing, all the time, nowhere more than in the business world. Perhaps athletes know more about that than us. But for everyone not on their national Olympic team, university is the closest thing to fierce competition. CV building, recruitment drinks and job search are common buzzwords circulating around campus. If you open […]

Hard work beats talent seven days of the week. And if effort is the driver of success, then you have only yourself to blame for not trying hard enough, right? Well that’s what many ambitious students believe and do. They spend countless hours in the library, make summaries, and pull all-nighters that culminate in a […]

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