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Well, time has come to my very last blog of the year; and as sad as I am to leave this project, EUR and Rotterdam, I am excited for what is to come next. As you may have noticed in my previous blogs, I absolutely loved my year here. The country, uni and mostly the […]

When you are writing your thesis and you are in a period when you feel it’ll never be over, it is nice to take a breather and relax a while. I did so this past weekend; took Saturday afternoon off and went to the beautiful city of Utrecht. It is only 45 min by train […]

Hello there! It just hit me that I have been in Rotterdam for almost an entire year; I wrote today’s post several months ago and I just decided it is the perfect time to publish it since this event, the World Port Days, is just around the corner (6-8 September 2013). Hope you enjoy 🙂 Did […]

One of the things I was not expecting when I came to Erasmus University Rotterdam, was to find the active student organisation culture that exists on campus (and in my limited experience in the Netherlands in general). Student organisations are an important element of university life; they are constantly organising career related and social events (in […]

Hoi there!!! In this post I will tell you about some of my tourist experiences in the Netherlands; although my studies are very demanding and I spend lots of time at the uni, I always like to find time to have fun and explore! I have been living in this country for almost 9 months […]

It is often said that the little things in life are those that fulfil us the most, I absolutely agree. Give me a good cup of creamy cappuccino, some dessert complemented with the lovely company of friends and I am the happiest camper! I like to consider myself a foodie (or maybe I’m just a […]

Hello beautiful people! Spring is finally here and we are having many lovely and sunny days. We are almost done with exams (although most of us have the thesis to think about) and the picture is looking good for things to do in these warmer months! Were you aware that in 2010, the grand start […]

Hello there! This entry is going to be a little different because I’m writing it from Indonesia. I’m a participant in the 2013 IRP (International Research Project) hosted by Aeclipse (Int. Economics study organisation). It has been an amazing experience that can hardly be described by words. In a little less than 2 weeks, we’ve […]

Have you ever stopped to think about Tuesday? It is just sitting there, between the so-dreaded Monday and quasi-weekend Thursday just waiting for something exciting to happen. Well, in Rotterdam Tuesday is a different kind of day, because it is market day! Every Tuesday and Saturday from 8:00-16:00 hrs. an outdoor market is built up […]

(And Queen Beatrix, and windmills and tulips…but today I will just focus on the first three) I have borrowed the title from one of my dearest friends here at EUR (no infringement of copy rights), because it defines many of my out-of-the-ordinary experiences here. As many of you know, Dutch people are just very tall; […]

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