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What sort of idiot comes to Europe and does not travel. This sort of idiot (points to self). One of my biggest regrets this year has to be the fact that I did not go to as many places as I had intended. And boy, have I come up with excuses to feel better about […]


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6 Aug 2015

I seem to have been suffering a serious case of writer’s block. I made a list of all the things that I might potentially write about, only to cross all of them out. That was until last night! An event really got me thinking about something. The amount of time I have wasted this summer! […]

Year 1: Check!

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14 Jul 2015

It’s funny how many times I need to remind myself that my first year as a Bachelor student is over. And it has almost been a month since my last exam. They say your college or university years are the best years of your life and so, for that reason, this is bittersweet. While I […]

In a world that seems to be getting smaller every second (ooh, did you feel that? It’s getting really snug around here), what better way to participate than to experience its gains. Throw yourself into the deep end of the pool; throw yourself into a completely new environment! Enter this bewildering, mysterious world and use […]

Rotterdam :)

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24 Mar 2015

I enjoy historical architecture as much as the next guy. Whenever, I visit another city anywhere else in the Netherlands, which I do often, I am unfailingly awestruck every time I cast my eyes on a medieval building or a decorated church. However, many of these cities may appear so similar in such respect that […]

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