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I’m not the biggest fan of extreme temperatures, nor am I one of the people who like heavy rain while they’re biking home from the other side of Rotterdam. It just happened that I went in Delfshaven to work on a project with a colleague of mine, and we did some good progress, so at […]

The ZOO!

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12 May 2011

Lately I’ve been more busy than usual… I’m having my last course on May 20th, so I got deadlines for projects, assignments and master thesis quite rapidly succeeding one another. But luckily I’ve managed to find some time to visit the Zoo. And I’m glad I did. It’s just beautiful! And I’m not just saying […]

West side story

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6 May 2011

I’ve been told that Kralingen is the best place to live in Rotterdam… BUT it’s the best place for settled families in my opinion. Of course, everybody says that the south is dangerous, and it might be (I for one had no problems there as well, but I know people who got mugged), but when […]

Well… I must say I was soooo curious to see what this day was like. And it was… orange. Yes, orange. Of course it was the predominant color, because there was almost nobody without something orange on him. And it was orange metaphorically, cause orange isn’t a ‘normal’ color, and the day was far from […]


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21 Apr 2011

There were more titles I could have given to this particular post, as the experience I’m talking about got me thinking “This I would’ve never seen back home”. Seen, heard, tasted… And imagine I’m talking of a company visit. Koppert Cress is the name. And even if you’re Dutch it’s quite likely that the name […]

Well it’s well known that the Netherlands is the place where you can find cheese, windmills, a beautiful language… and tulips. Well, not just tulips, but mainly that. For those of you who have travelled by car, seeing the flower fields surely isn’t something new… but for the rest, that is a sight to see. […]


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13 Apr 2011

Basically everybody who has an Internet connection has heard of the Mountain View, California based technology giant. And I can’t be mistaking if I say that more than ¾ of the students at RSM would LOVE to work for them (I don’t use EUR here as EUR contains also faculties like Philosophy or Erasmus MC). […]


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11 Apr 2011

– To better understand this post please don’t read it too fast and look for videos of the earthquake, tsunami and aftermath on the web – It was exactly 1 month ago. 2.46pm local time… Sometimes the question is “Why”… Other times it’s “Do you believe in God?” Whatever the answer for this question, do […]

Well, since I managed to get almost everything important done, I went biking a little. It’s one of my favorite activities here, especially since I find the public transportation to be more expensive than I’d prefer. And plus, I live in Kralingen, which means using public transportation isn’t a must to get to school or […]

The city center

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4 Apr 2011

I might be mistaken, but as far as I know Beursplein is the city center. It’s one of the most important areas of Rotterdam and also one of the best places to shop – along with Alexandrium in the north and Zuidplein Shopping Center in the south of Rotterdam. It might seem like everybody in […]

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