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What better way to spend your summer months in Holland than smashing the capitals’ festival scene? Here is a brief insight into what’s hot in the coming months; BUITEN WESTEN This year’s Buiten Westen festival is not only screaming with must-see acts, but will be hosting a wide range of things to do alongside the […]

1)      Leave it anywhere in The Netherlands without a lock 2)      Leave it by the central station (even with a lock) 3)      Attach bells, lights, pretty flowers, and baskets (thus making bystanders jealous; wanting your bicycle so much they just take it) 4)      Leave it in the same place for days on end 5)      Just […]

              The red lights of beautiful Rotterdam ^^ For the exchange students, and many other students actually – who are finishing their degrees, taking a year abroad, or just finished off for the year, the summer months have come and it’s time to say goodbye to Erasmus University. Although […]

Incoming Dutch and international students alike can find the student accommodation search stressful. To make life a little easier, here are some recommendations for basing yourself in Kralingen, Rotterdam  – the area surrounding Erasmus University. 1)      ITS REALLY CLOSE TO UNI On average, if you live in Kralingen, it will take you ten minutes to […]

Swan Market

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2 May 2013

An annual event in Rotterdam is the alternative ‘life-style’ market held at Museum Park. Titled ‘Swan Market’, this arcade of vintage clothing, house-ware, original art work, and homemade jams echoes to the cool-cats around Rotterdam to scratch out a bargain buy. With all the homespun cards, bicycle-originated chairs and sofas, tree-made tables, and an assortment […]

The English are not renowned for their cuisine. Battered cod and deep-fried potato is seen as a seaside delicacy, and this can be offered with a side of mushed up and minty petite-poi if you want a real Northern treat. All the same, being reunited with Great British condiments and supermarket standards when studying abroad […]

When in Holland it is important to seek out the goings-on of the capital. Here are some crucial spots to visit when exploring A-Dam, a side apart from the Red Light District and Coffee Shops… EAT – SKEK Skek is a loving, honest, and curious student restaurant just off the city’s Central Station. It’s an […]


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26 Feb 2013

I think it’s important to not only explore Rotterdam’s museum scene, but to analyse and deconstruct it too. During these past couple of weeks I have visited two of R-dam’s finest cultural spots to see what’s going on. Netherlands Architecture Institute About: Currently, the Netherlands’ Architecture Institute is holding a FANTASTIC exhibition about Dutch architecture […]

Last week the Erasmus University’s New Fashion Society held this year’s Fashion Fair, by which students could not only buy clothes, but could sell them too. It was a huge success, with over a dozen stalls selling all sorts of garments. The fair lasted from 12:00 till 17:00 hrs, in a large café on campus. […]

Today will be the first day of a series of new blogs. Just to let you know whose stories you will be reading, a short introduction. Hannah Hoi! I’m Hannah Whelan and I come from England. I’ve been on my exchange from Leeds University for 6 months, and I have another 6 months ahead of […]

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