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Quite some time has passed since I left Sao Paulo on the 6th of December and wrote you my last post. I was travelling in Bolivia, then I returned to my family in Germany and now I am finally back in Rotterdam. But am I back “at home”? During these last 3 years me and […]

If there is one thing that could possibly be bad about going on exchange, it’s the fact that it goes by so fast. I arrived in this city 5 months ago, however it still feels like yesterday when I first drove with the bus on those large suburban highways passing by the vast (and ugly […]

It has been more than month since I wrote to you guys and this month has really been one of the most exciting ones of my life. This was mostly due to my travels to the Northeast of Brazil. I experienced a lot but I will only describe some highlights otherwise this blog would be […]

After a relatively relaxed first month at FGV, the first midterms are taking place which means that we actually have to study a bit! Looking back, choosing all my courses in Portuguese was a great decision. Even though some of the English courses have more interesting topics about emerging economies and Brazilian culture, my Portuguese […]

About a month has passed since I wrote you the last time and I am starting to discover what it really means to live in Brazil. While I felt more like a tourist during my first month, observing rather than participating in the culture, I start to feel like a true citizen of the city […]

Hi readers, While many of you are currently preparing to arrive in Rotterdam for another year of study or even for the first time, I am experiencing something similar here in Sao Paulo. I arrived in this city, the biggest one in the southern hemisphere, three weeks ago because I will do my bachelor exchange […]

I took my last exam on the 15th of June, which happened to be the weekend of the big Summer Carnival in Rotterdam. There could not have been a better date for us to finish the academic year! The planning for our post-exam festivities started already the day before, allowing everybody to gather immediately after […]

Summer is almost there and most of us have to study for the exams of their final trimester or block… So what is there to do as a balance to study time? For me personally, sport is essential especially during study periods. I love to play tennis, to run or to go to the gym. […]

For many (new) students in the Netherlands this is the day of the year. They start planning it up to two months in advance and are reserving boots in Amsterdam together with their friends or buying tickets for special festivals that are held throughout the country. Different to last year, my Queen’s day planning was very […]

Since I have been twice in Brussels during the last ten days, I thought I should tell a little bit about my favorite city in the Benelux. Only 1.5 hours away by train, it is possible to discover the capital of Europe during a weekend or even on day-trip for those who have less time. […]

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