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What’s up everybody? It’s Dzhem again and with one more blog post and unfortunately my final blog :/ however there is no time to cry because I have a lot to tell you! Finally, summer is here! Euro 2016 This year was one of those years when we had Euros to watch and this time […]

Summer is here!

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15 Jun 2016

It might be hard to believe but the weather forecast above is real and sometimes Rotterdam gets a bit of sunshine too! What you need to do is to get most out of it! With the end of the year approaching and the sunny days appearing in our forecast, there are lots of things you […]

Last month has been a very busy month for everyone! There were lots of events to attend, a lot of parties to go, a lot of celebrations to do and thankfully a lot of sun to absorb and I will tell you all about it! It was one month ago when black cars entered the […]

There are two types of people: people who have discovered sports and people who haven’t! If you have once discovered how good it feels to do sports, it is highly unlikely you will ever want to go back, instead you will want to do more and more! It has been shown that doing sports has […]

source: facebook/rotterdamviertdestad It has been 75 years since Rotterdam has been damaged in WWII and had been reconstructed for the past 75 years. Now it has the centre of modern architecture and second largest city in the Netherlands. For this reason the whole city is filled with decorations and attractions! Coupled with the good weather […]

How to get back

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11 Jan 2016

How to get back into studying or working after the holiday The holiday is over and now you are back in Rotterdam, trying to get back to studying or working. It is never easy to leave holidays behind because you just want more of it, you got used to chilling and relaxing and now you […]

What can you do in Rotterdam during Christmas and New Year’s Eve? Above is a photo I took last year on 31 December 2014 at Erasmus bridge. Will you be in Rotterdam during Christmas and New Year’s Eve? You might not be going back home for Christmas but there are still a lot of things […]

Recently I went to Amsterdam to visit EUREKA Science Festival. I was part of the volunteer crew of the organization team. Together we prepared the festival and hosted all the visitors and speakers in a big venue in different locations coming from different universities and places. What is EUREKA Science Festival? EUREKA Science Festival is […]

We are living in a fast world with a quick temper. Everything is aiming to be faster; we are trying to produce faster with each day and sometimes even at the expense of quality. What we are also doing is taking that ideal to our consumption rate. We are demanding more and quicker than ever. […]

It has been a year since I came to Rotterdam for the first time and I still feel the same strong feelings about it: I really fell in love with this city. Modern architecture, kind people, cycling everywhere, mid-size city, pubs, bars, restaurants… basically everything you would ask for to find in a city –ok […]

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