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In my previous blog, I wrote about my amazing adventures in Peru and Bolivia. But that wasn’t all! The day I got home from that trip, I took a bus to Andradina (an 11-hour bus trip, but still in the state of São Paulo). There I spent Christmas with my roommate Renata’s family. Usually it’s […]

So even though I am already back in Rotterdam for two weeks now (and believe me, I don’t like it), I will tell you a bit about my last big adventure in South America. After the final exams in December, exchange students went back home one by one. Although all the farewell parties and dinners […]

When talking about exchange, the first things that come to mind are new friends, parties, travels, and more fun stuff. But you should not forget that there is also some studying that has to be done. As Fundação Getulio Vargas is the best business school of South America, I had high expectations. Since I just […]

Galera! After some amazing weekend trips, we finally had the opportunity to go further away to the Northeast of Brazil. The first set of classes was over and we had a week vacation before the second period started. So we booked a flight to Fortaleza and a flight back from Recife. In between, we had […]

Oi Pessoal! Here is my first blog from the beautiful city of São Paulo, Brazil! I am studying here at Fundação Getulio Vargas, one of the best universities in South America, from August until December and will stay a month longer for travels. The first month is already over, time really flies by. It feels […]

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