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15 Feb 2016

I applied for my exchange in Beijing with the expectation of experiencing a different face of China than the one in which I have grown up in. Upon my arrival in Beijing, I was astonished by the city’s magnitude and dynamics as well as surprised by an unexpected feeling of foreignness. Growing up in Hong […]

Beijing is an extraordinary city to experience and a gateway to most parts of Northern China. With trains leaving daily to places such as Harbin or Xining, you have plenty of opportunities to travel and explore as much as time permits. The city itself is a culturally rich metropolis, which has preserved much of historical […]

The People

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4 Jan 2016

One of the goals of an international exchange is personal development. Living, studying and working in a foreign country is considered a challenge, which one is expected to master during his/her youth. The ideal is thereby to embrace your host country and to develop emic insights and bonds, which will enrich your personal and professional […]

It’s so cold; it’s too cold to snow. Yet the snow of 2015 continues to fall. The land is covered blanket white. As the winter winds wail their call.* *The more poetic you are able to write, the more sophisticated you sound in Chinese. Photos: Juan Jie, Zhao Xiaojie, Chen Haiying, Hong He, Tai Zhiqiang, […]

The Arrival

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11 Nov 2015

‘This is China. What can you do eh?’ – Jan Hopspodka 2015 ‘Beijing is quite sunny’ was my first thought, when I arrived at the airport. Little did I know that the reason for this fabulous weather was the week long forced foreclosure of all factories within a 500 km proximity of the capital (Some […]

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