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28 Jun 2012

Hello everybody. Perhaps you’ve read more of my entries, but maybe this is your first time; and maybe I know you but then perhaps again I don’t. In any case, welcome to my 22nd and last entry for the Erasmus International student experience blog.  I hope to somehow have fulfilled the function of this blog […]

I am somewhat of a Facebook addict. I like keeping up to date with what my friends abroad are up to, but I also really enjoy exchanging funny pictures and links with close friends. Facebook has become “intelligent” by listing the friends I interact with the most at the top. The people at the top […]

I can’t wait to stop obsessing about my thesis. It has become my life, and apparently my only topic of conversation these days. Whenever I manage to talk about something else, people come up to me saying: “Hey Aldona! How’s your thesis?” I’m wondering if I have taken it too far by thinking that I […]

That everything is connected is not a new idea, but how can we be more aware of how we are connected to each other, and how can we join our minds to create something? If I hadn’t enrolled in the Media, Culture & Society master program, I probably wouldn’t be writing this piece, and I […]

Since summer is approaching, I think that while some students are pushing through to finish off an academic year, others are exploring what’s out there and considering the options. In regards to the latter group, there are some things that are handy to know as an international student coming to the Netherlands. I browsed some […]

Sky high

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3 May 2012

Imagine: you are sitting comfortably on a swing, your legs hanging loose. It’s not hot, and the air is refreshing. Then you are slowly, smoothly lifted as you watch the city of Rotterdam getting smaller under your feet as the horizon extends and then you slowly start flying around. It’s real, at the fair in […]

Cities in the Netherlands are much like each other, whereas in countries like Spain and Italy each city is its own world. Yet to say that all Dutch cities are the same would be too simply put. What follows is a brief account of the cities I’ve visited so far. Rotterdam: The city night view […]

I would like to start off this entry by letting out this unexpected excitement I’m experiencing about writing my thesis. So far, it’s been a bit tedious even though it’s a subject I’m interested in (female DJ’s in the Netherlands), because it’s mostly been about reading and writing about the stuff I’ve been reading about […]

Education policies of Erasmus University Rotterdam are changing, and not for everyone’s benefit. To be specific, the new system that is to be integrated coming September entails passing all your classes (60 ECTS per year) before continuing with your next academic year. This hinders, among others, those who organise Eurekaweek and the Erasmus Recruiting Days. […]

Yesterday (April 4th), electricity shut down in Rotterdam for the third time this year. In the end of January 50,000 people were left without electricity for a few hours, the second week of February it was 2,000, and yesterday 10,000 homes had to do without for a while. The shut down happened in the afternoon […]

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