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  On the 27th of October 2011, the masters and pre-master students of Erasmus University met at the popular café (TomTom) to release some of our educational tensions and psych ourselves for the up-coming exams. It was sort of an international gathering since students from other countries were present. It was initially agreed for everyone […]

Hey guys, it’s been quite sometime now since I got in touch. Hope everyone is struggling through their respective course work successfully. I had to rush to the United Kingdom to take care of some issues. Even though I was supposed to be at Cambridge, I intended to rush to London to get some pictures […]

Most of my folks call me a boring person. This is because of my non-drinking and non-smoking habits. That is fine with me, but I do not agree with them. I have a hobby which is playing Football (Soccer) every week. It is sometimes tiring and energy consuming but that is what I like and […]

The day that the reigning monarch of the Netherlands (who is currently Queen Beatrix) addresses both the house of senate and the House of Representatives in The Hague is what is termed as Prinsjesdag. Forget about my political jargon. It was a memorable event and I was proud to be there. This happened on the […]

I took a trip to The Hague for two main reasons: On the one hand, it was a tour to see the town and some other beach parts of the Netherlands. On the other hand, it was as part of the formality to register myself the Ghanaian Embassy. In fact most international students are already […]

After studying in this University for a year, I have become not only comfortable educationally, but also I have become confident in my life. The boat trip for the pre-masters and the master’s students was very cozy. Cozy is a near word that I can use to replace what the Dutch call “Gezellig”.  This is […]

After going through a year’s course in the university, there are certain practices that I have developed, which have helped me in many ways towards my effective studies. It is therefore an advice or a guide and may work effectively for you but it is not mandatory to follow these suggestions. First of all, I […]

“Asapa” is one of the terms used in Ghana for a carnival festivity. It literary means “good dance”. The Brazilians call it samba. You may have different names for it in your country or culture but one thing is certain, there is always a medium where dancers, musicians and other artists among others display their […]

One of the most appreciating things I like about Erasmus University is its habit of providing introduction programmes for students even before official classes begin. I enjoyed my first introduction last year as explained earlier in my previous blog. Even though, I initially thought that it was specifically meant for pre-masters students, other international students, […]

This blog has a new blogger and his name is Abdul. This is his first blog where he introduces himself.   Ghana is my home country. It is situated in the western part of Africa. I went through my elementary and high school studies in that country. Furthermore I travelled to Malaysia to do my […]

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