Lisa Heyder is a 24-year old student from Germany and is currently doing her Master’s degree in Strategic Management at the Rotterdam School of Management. This is her first time in the Netherlands, but she has previously lived in Malaysia, Switzerland and Canada. Her passions are food, traveling and going to the movies and she cannot wait to share her Dutch adventures with you in her blog posts!


Mihaela is a third year student in Communication and Media, passionate about travelling, blogging and style. She recently came back from exchange in Helsinki, where exploring Scandinavian lifestyle and culture was her main goal. She’s a real social media addict, with Instagram being her main source of information and inspiration!


Sydni Johanson is a 22-year-old Behavioral Economics masters student from the United States. Before coming to Rotterdam, she completed a bachelors degree at the University of the Pacific where she swam on the Women’s Division I swim team and was a member of Delta Gamma sorority. At Erasmus, she volunteers at the Erasmus Sustainability Hub. Always down for coffee and a great conversation!


Benjamin is 22-year-old student from Germany/Indonesia, who is studying in his third year of International Business Administration. In this blog, he will reflect on his experiences in Greater China and more specifically Beijing. Having grown up in the international expatriate hub Hong Kong, Benjamin has fallen in love with Asia in general and China in particular. Although having decided to study in Rotterdam with the intent to explore his European roots, he couldn’t let the opportunity pass by to go back to the homeland for exchange.

Benjamin Witting

Carlijn Driessen is an International Business Administration student, born and raised in the Netherlands. In search for a bit more adventure, she is spending an exchange semester in São Paulo, Brazil. Travelling, making new friends and blending in are her goals. Read her blog and get excited about the amazing culture, food, people, and places in Brazil!

Carlijn Driessen

Dzhem Chavush is a 22-year-old second year International Bachelor of Psychology student at Erasmus University Rotterdam. He loves photography, chilling with friends, having long conversations, finding an empty spot in crowded bicycle sheds, running and taking a deep breath in the cold refreshing air at night or early morning, when rain stops right before he leaves the house and having a cup of warm tea on a cold night. He loves meeting new people! He loves doing stuff for the world and for the people. You might see him at campus, just go talk to him and he will surely have some time to chat, whether it’s about your favorite tv show or about your stressful assignment for your study…

Dzhem Chavush

Stijn is a born and raised Dutchie, in her third year of the International Bachelor in Communication & Media. She is currently doing her exchange semester in Canada and – even though she passionately hates snow – has become a proud Waterloo Warrior. During these months, she will follow courses in Women’s Studies, Psychology and Philosophy and will try to travel as much as she can. When she’s not out exploring, she enjoys watching movies, listening to music, and playing the ukulele.

Stijn van Venrooij

When Nepalese student Parikrama Rai first arrived in Rotterdam, she was the moon-eyed international- stupefied by everything the senses picked up on in the new environment- including the art, the food, the language and even the ubiquitous public urinals (whose function took a while to figure out). Studying at RSM and settling into the city, she’s discovering that unfamiliarity is pretty remarkable as she discovers the little joys that her new home has to offer that make it home.


Petar is a third year bachelor student concentrating on Economics and Business. He is from Sofia, Bulgaria, which is an extremely diverse and culturally unique place. This is definitely reflected in his temperament and hobbies. He is passionate about social change, culture and mental health.  At Erasmus you can usually find him discussing things over coffee at the Paviljoen, or on his way to some cool social event. Outside those activities, you’ll find him trying new cuisines with friends, playing a casual game of pool, or attempting to cook. In his free time, he has successfully watched all four seasons of Game of Thrones (and is currently expecting new episodes). He believes you can really try everything at Erasmus, and he is thrilled to tell you how to go about doing that.


Laura is a 20-year-old Australian. Wanting to take her adventures overseas, she left Australia to study a semester abroad at Erasmus, Rotterdam in their IBCOM program. Always open to trying new things, she ventures to different cities, big and small, and is excited to document it over the next 6 months. Coming from Sydney, she plans to see what it’s like studying on the other side of the world and living outside of her home country for the first time!

Laura Box

Zsuzsi Nagy-Sándor is an MA student of the Arts, Culture and Society program, which she enjoys passionately. She is 24 years of age with a Hungarian and American family background, a BA in Sociology, a tendency for good natured irony and an increased discomfort of writing about herself in the third person. Her studies and experiences have taught her to be skeptical about how people intend to present themselves online, and with this in mind she would like you to know that among other things she loves the original Star Wars movies and Twin Peaks the series, books galore, (old) Superman comics, folk music, going to flea markets and hunting for old photos which she collects extensively, that she likes to explore a whole and indescribable variety of unrelated things and that she feels run-on sentences are underrated.

Zsuzsi Nagy-Sandor

Boris Luijten is from Holland and studies European and International Public Law (LL.M.) at Erasmus University Rotterdam. He has been away from home almost on end since last summer. From trips to Russia, Japan & Colombia to an internship at a law firm in the Caribbean (Aruba) and currently his exchange in Baltimore, MD. His spare time he likes to spend at the gym, museums or traveling but most of all he loves just being around and hanging out with friends and family.

Boris Luijten

Teresa Gotay is a 28-year-old American; a native New Yorker who moved to The Netherlands for love and the love of travel. She graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Journalism in New York and is a current Media, Culture and Society Master student. Besides reading (a lot) for her classes, she has been a freelance travel writer for over 8 years and has traveled to over 200 cities. She is becoming a Rotterdamsel; battling the rain and fighting to urge to eat too many bitterballen. She’s also a big fan of good hair days, Yoga and tea.

Teresa Gotay

Bhagyalakshmi is a 25-year-old student from India and this is her first time in Europe! After completing her Bachelor in Commerce and working in a bank for a couple years, she decided to change paths completely. She’s currently pursuing her Master in Cultural Economics and Entrepreneurship at EUR, and wishes to make a meaningful contribution to the cultural world. Her poor hand-eye coordination make her a terrible sportsperson. Instead she has a deep love for music, travelling, literature, and Woody Allen movies.

Bhagyalakshmi Daga

Anastasiya Burdzina is a 19-year-old international student from Belarus. She is enrolled in International Bachelor of Psychology program at the faculty of Social Sciences. She loves travelling, reading, playing the piano and painting. And she will blogging about all her amazing experiences of studying and living in the Netherlands and will give lots of handy tips for the newcomers and freshmen. So don’t forget to keep an eye on her posts ;)!

Anastasiya Burdzina

Anna Subich is a 20-year-old student from Russia, in her first year of International Bachelor Communication and Media (IBCoM). Erasmus is her third university and Holland is her third country. In the past she did a bit of travelling, a bit of working and a bit of studying in Russia and Israel. She experienced different mentalities and educational systems, before settling down in Rotterdam. Anna will be storytelling about her tragicomic attempts to save money, break the system and become a true Rotterdammer.

Anna foto 1

Vincent is 21 years old and an International Bachelor of Economics and Business Economics student at the Erasmus School of Economics. He is of both German and American origin, which is the root of his thirst and curiosity for the new and unexplored. Born and raised in Germany, he moved to Chicago for 3 years to complete his International Baccalaureate and shortly after relocated with his family to Hong Kong, from where he decided to attend Erasmus University in Rotterdam. He is an avid reader, writer and explorer and enjoys the thrill of the unknown.

Vincent foto 2

Katrina Lat is a 21-year-old Filipino-Canadian with an insatiable curiosity, love of the written word, and a penchant for breaking out in random song. She is enrolled in the Masters Exchange Program at RSM, and will spend the next 5 months listening, experiencing, learning, and tasting everything that her new home has to offer!

Katrina foto 1

Arianna Toncelli is a 23-year-old international student from Italy. She has lived in Italy, Québec, France, and the Netherlands. In 2012, after obtaining a Bachelor degree in Finance in Milan, she decided for a change. She is now pursuing a Master in Management of Innovation here at RSM, and is currently writing her final thesis about the impact of IT on innovation networks. Her greatest passions are art, music and travelling.

Arianna picture

Habiba Ibrahim is an 18-year-old International Communication & Media (IBCOM) student. She’s Egyptian and has lived there her entire life, and Rotterdam has recently become her home away from home. She’s a true believer that there’s more to Rotterdam than parties and biking, therefore through her blog she’ll keep you posted about her attempt to become a proper Dutchie at heart.  She will be blogging about her adventures in this beautiful city- starting from having her first Kapsalon, her shopping experiences at thrift shops and her complications with reading the 24HR clock.

Habiba picture

The 20-year-old exchange student Hannah Whelan comes from England and will stay in Rotterdam for another six months. Hannah is enrolled in the International Bachelor of Communication and Media at the Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication. Her goal is to become a real Rotter-dame.

Fabian Scheifele is a 21-year-old German student. He came to Rotterdam in 2011 for the International Business Administration (IBA) programme at Rotterdam School of Management. Before that, he spent one year in Ecuador where he worked as an English and Computer teacher at several primary schools. Next to his studies, Fabian likes to play tennis and he is learning Dutch.

Patricia Dominguez is a 23-year-old student from Venezuela. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in the US, where she lived for five years. Afterwards Patricia moved to France, to learn the French language. At the moment she is doing a master’s programme at Erasmus School of Economics, International Economics. As you might have noticed, Patricia likes to travel.

Aldona Bermudez is originally from Venezuela, and moved to the Netherlands in 1999.  She graduated from University College Utrecht in 2010, spent a year working and after that enrolled in the MA Media, Culture & Society master’s programme in the department of Media & Communication of the Erasmus School of History, Culture & Communication. Her passions are yoga, nature, writing, and good conversations.






Clarissa Alberg is a 23 years old student, born in Suriname and raised in Curacao. She finished high school in Curacao and moved to the Netherlands to continue her studies at Erasmus University Rotterdam. She is currently enrolled in the International Bachelor Communication and Media.  She enjoys dancing, singing and badminton.






Abdul-Razak Tahiru is a student from Ghana. He graduated from the University of Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom and Malaysia and enrolled for the MSc in Cultural Economics and Entrepreneurship at Erasmus School of Economics. He likes travelling for experience, plays football, volleyball, basket ball and likes a little bit of clubbing.

Marjan Charness is an international student from the United States.  She’s currently pursuing a degree in Political Science, with minors in English, Women’s and Gender Studies, and International Relations.  Marjan will be studying International Relations at Erasmus University, and enjoys running, travelling, and baking.

Iulian Cosa is a 22-year-old student from the city of Bacau, Romania. He graduated from the Academy of Economic Studies of Bucharest in 2010 and enrolled for the MSc in Business Administration – Organisational Change and Consulting at RSM. Iulian: “I like Business Administration and love Management. I dislike the weather in Rotterdam, as most others do. I’m trying to enjoy the time I have until I get employed as much as I can, and that is why I chose an international experience in The Netherlands!”

Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam

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