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13 Jul 2016

What’s up everybody? It’s Dzhem again and with one more blog post and unfortunately my final blog :/ however there is no time to cry because I have a lot to tell you!

Finally, summer is here!

Euro 2016

This year was one of those years when we had Euros to watch and this time there were a lot of surprising elements to say the least!

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To begin with, unfortunately the Netherlands couldn’t make it through the qualifications which I was not expecting and I bet some Dutch people will agree. However, it doesn’t mean the Dutch team isn’t good, sometimes there is also a bit of luck. If you recall the last world cup, the Dutch team defeated Brazil 3 – 0 and made it to the third place!

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It is sad we couldn’t see orange ties this year in the Euro 2016 but there will be more chances in the future and hopefully we will celebrate victories in the streets of the Netherlands!

Nonetheless we watched the games with my friends and supported different teams. If you are an international student studying abroad, that means you will most likely have friends from different countries and it is so much fun to watch the games together and to support sometimes same and sometimes different teams 🙂

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This game was France against Germany and there were so many people watching it and of course we were there! What’s funny is that you can see two TVs in the photo because those belong to two venues next to each other and they show it to their own customers, they could have shared one TV instead 😀

While we were watching the game, some Dutch people were enjoying their HotTug which is a Dutch invention! Basically when you put a hot tub inside water and you can enjoy the warm water while being in water and you can heat it by burning wood! What a crazy and original idea, I have not tried it yet but why not!

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Irish fans are the best fans of Euro 2016!

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Another thing I want to talk about this year’s Euros is the Irish fans!

Most of the times, news about fans of football cover the violence and damage caused by hooligans. Every time it makes me wonder why people do it. Isn’t the purpose of sports to bring people together and to have fun? Well, this year Irish fans have reminded us the real reason why we are watching sports!

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Irish fans soon became the stars of the tournament by showing their good deeds one after another! It was a wakeup call for me to see fans behaving like this and it made me realize that it is possible for people to behave well and to make everything nicer, even in football!

When Ireland lost 3 -0 against Belgium, Irish fans celebrated together with the Belgians after the whistle ended the game! This shows that there is more to it than just winning a game. Sometimes it is more important to have fun and celebrate than to leave with negative feelings. You can watch the clip showing the fans below:

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Another thing that happened more than once is when Irish fans serenade people around the city. Once they serenaded a French girl in the crowd and sang songs!

Another time was when they serenaded a French resident who was standing in his balcony:

Or when they sang songs together with the French police!

And when their team have lost against France 2-1, it meant that Ireland was out of Euro 2016. All of the fans stayed in the stadium to show their respects to their own Irish team for their bravery and performance in Euro 2016. Now that is every team’s dream to have fans like the Irish fans!

And before we move on to next part, I want to mention the winner of Euro 2016. The final was between France and Portugal; both teams made it to the final and competed to win! The French tried to win the title in their home and that would be amazing for them however at the end Portugal was the team to lift the cup! Still the French team made it to the finals and that is a great achievement and they should be proud to do this in their own country!


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Summer is finally here and it is time to enjoy the nice weather, absorb the hot sunshine and dance and party! If you are staying in Rotterdam, make sure to keep an eye on the festivals and events around the city as there will be a lot of them and they are really nice.

I have recently been to the Metropolis Festival with my friends in Rotterdam and it was quiet enjoyable! There were different stages with different kinds of music you could enjoy. The weather was really nice and the entrance was free!

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I wish everyone a nice holiday! Make sure to relax, have fun and to recharge for the next year 😉 It was a lot of fun to write this blog and I hope you enjoyed reading it 🙂

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