This is my last blog

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6 Jul 2016

This is my last blog!


Guys, you are probably just as crushed as I am to think about how this is the last time I get to tell you about my adventures in Rotterdam! But before I get emotional, let me tell you about my very last month here. I realize that in my last blog I mentioned something about it being time to get serious and to start focusing on my thesis, like for real! That, however, did not stop me from doing many lovely things in the little spare time I did have.

For example, the Boothstock Festival at Kralingse Bos! I am definitely not into house music but this festival was such a great time! The location, especially, was amazing and the perfect start to my summer. My friends and I had such a great time that we are already planning our next Rotterdam reunion around the date of Boothstock 2017! And let’s be honest, the Boothstock sign is the perfect backdrop for selfies, don’t the three of us look great? 😉

Lisa blog 5 - foto 1

Knowing my time here was almost over I also spent as much time as possible just soaking up the atmosphere and going back to my favorite spots all over Rotterdam, seeing as I fell in love with so many different places all over town, this was no easy task. However, as always, I persevered! Here are some of my final impressions (and just to let you know, I did this after handing in my thesis, because I am actually a very hard working student!)

My favorite park (Het Park), right around the corner from my apartment in Rotterdam (obviously the lighting was supposed to be this way, the sun illuminating my face only, which took me HOURS to get right…nah I’m just kidding, the lighting just happened to be this perfect! God I love this place). This is where I spent so many wonderful hours lounging, reading, exercising, mostly lounging, though, if I am being completely honest!

Lisa blog 5 - foto 2

Delfshaven, an old port with really lovely art galleries and cute little restaurants (if you are ever looking for a romantic spot to bring a date, this is THE place, trust me! I recommend going at sunset)

Lisa blog 5 - foto 3

And finally, one of the most striking views of (parts of) the skyline of Rotterdam (this is my personal opinion so don’t judge ok?)

Lisa blog 5 - foto 4

I sincerely hope that my blog gave all of you guys some inspiration as to what to do during your studies here in the Netherlands, it has been a real pleasure blogging about my many adventures and sharing my experiences. So I guess at this point there is really nothing left to say except…… has been a blast! THANK YOU ERASMUS UNIVERSITY! And of course, THANK YOU ROTTERDAM! See you again, soon!

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