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4 Jul 2016

A few weeks ago, I visited a friend of mine in Milan for a couple of days and loved it! I’ve always been a fan of Italy but this holiday I really had a blast. Every day we discovered something new and exciting to do, plus the weather was great, so even just hanging out in a park, eating gelato was good enough for me. Anyways, here are some of the highlights from my visit.

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Most people go to Milan to shop but I was determined to experience the city beyond that and aimed at spending money on experiences that I would remember for a long time. Besides from walking around the beautiful city, drinking coffee in the mornings and wine in the evenings, eating pizza or pasta, I also visited a few places that impressed me a lot!

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Fondazione Prada

Fondazione Prada is the museum of modern art in Milan and is situated a little bit farther from the city center, of course it’s easily reachable by metro. The whole place consisted of a few different buildings, each unique in its own way, hosting various exhibitions. My favorite was definitely the Golden tower, especially because of the contrast with the glass building next to it. The exhibitions that I saw were really interesting and inspiring but unfortunately some of the spaces were closed during my visit. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed the place and recommend visiting it when in Milan!

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Bar Luce

Just across from the Golden tower in Fondazione Prada, you can find the lovely bar Luce, where I had coffee and a treat after my visit in the museum. The impressive thing about this place is that it’s designed by Wes Anderson himself, the director of The Grand Budapest Hotel. So yeah, the bar has a very cute, distinctive atmosphere, the staff is super friendly and the food is delicious!

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Pirelli HangarBicocca

We spent more than 4 hours at this place and it was definitely worth it! Pirelli HangarBicocca is a huge closed space with exhibitions of various modern artists. I sincerely enjoyed the installations which varied from crazy lights to huge concrete block pieces. There were even two slowly moving swing rides inside!

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Monza Circuit

But the most memorable experience for me was the visit to Monza and the race that we watched. I’ve always been a big motorsport fan and my dream was to experience this awesome circuit, I finally did it! We spend a Sunday afternoon there, watching a Blancpain GT race and it was amazing! I had a great time and would love it if next time I’m there for Formula 1!

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