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8 Jun 2016

So ok, I know what you might be thinking! She only went to The Hague now? After she’s been living in Rotterdam for almost a year? You know what, you’re right and I am ashamed of myself. But, to my defense, I was waiting for the right moment! And that moment was about a month ago, when my friends and I completely spontaneously decided to go watch the sunset on the beach in The Hague. Plan? Execution!

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Judging by this amazing picture (I apologize for the self-praise!), spontaneity does pay off sometimes. Unfortunately, the water was still too cold to take a dip but I am definitely saving that for next time!

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So my next stop in the beautiful month of May was Bruges, which turned out to be one of my favorite trips so far. My friends and I literally spent hours walking around sight-seeing (and taking boat tours, which was an amazing experience) and we could not find a SINGLE corner in this city that wasn’t absolutely stunning. Granted, we had amazing weather to go with it, but still. I have never, ever, in my oh so long life seen such an all-round beautiful city. But I will let the pictures do the talking for once!

Lisa blog 4 - foto 4Lisa blog 4 - foto 5

And yes, there had to be waffles! Obviously!

So my final adventure for the month, because let’s face it we can’t turn our backs on our thesis forever, was Utrecht! To be honest, I didn’t really know much about Utrecht and so my expectations did not do this beautiful city justice.  It’s like Amsterdam only smaller and oh so cute! The weather was really inconsistent so we divided our time wandering around outside and visiting museums, both of which are highly recommendable. One of the museum we visited was super interactive and had great exhibitions on the city’s history, so no worries you will have plenty to do on a rainy day. Of course, for those of you that have read my other blogs and know me a little better by now, I seldom go anywhere without indulging in the local cuisine, and this time was no exception. One of the reasons I chose this particular weekend in May to visit Utrecht was to attend the Food Truck Festival taking place there that weekend. For some unfathomable reason, I have a great sense of where to find and eat great food and it did not let me down this time either because my Falafel burger was a real highlight. For those of you unfortunate enough to miss the Food Truck Festival in Utrecht (it’s happening in several cities all over the Netherlands, not to worry ;)) do not fret, you will always be able to have an amazing waffle in one of the city’s cozy cafés.

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After this month filled with amazing trips I find myself hoping I had more time in the Netherlands to discover more beautiful cities and try out more delicious food. Luckily, though, I still have one more month to go, so I will definitely try to make it count! Stay tuned!

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