A day in Amsterdam

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1 Jun 2016

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I’ve been to Amsterdam many times but I can never get tired of this city. There’s always something new to do, especially when the weather is nice. Last month, my sister visited me for a few days and we ended up discovering a few great places that deserve to be checked out when in town.

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Van Stapele Koekmakerij

Located in my favorite district of Amsterdam, de 9 Straatjes, Van Stapele Koekmakerij is a tiny bakery that specializes in chocolate chip cookies only. We found out about the place through social media and decided to see what the fuzz was all about. Online people were praising the bakery and were implying that these were the best cookies in town and they sure were! There were always people in the tiny shop and a few girls were making cookies nonstop. Although these were a bit pricey, I recommend trying them out because they are definitely worth it!

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Moco Museum

Just recently opened the Modern contemporary museum, is conveniently located in Museumplein, next to Van Gogh museum. We decided to check out the exhibitions of Bansky and Andy Warhol, and were definitely not left disappointed. Although, the place is not that big, I was happy to find out that some of my favorite pieces were exhibited. The only downside was that it was pretty crowded but maybe that was because the exhibition had just gone live. If you wanna skip the line, I recommend buying your tickets online.

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Coffee & Coconuts

Although this café/bar is a little bit outside of the city center it definitely became one of my favorite places in Amsterdam. It’s on three floors and really spacious, with minimalist, modern interior and great coffee. Plus, I heard that their beer collection from various local breweries is also worth checking out. The atmosphere is very pleasant and the staff was super friendly. Next time you’re in Amsterdam, give it a try!

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