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What can you do in Rotterdam during Christmas and New Year’s Eve? Above is a photo I took last year on 31 December 2014 at Erasmus bridge. Will you be in Rotterdam during Christmas and New Year’s Eve? You might not be going back home for Christmas but there are still a lot of things […]

This is my last week in Waterloo. Never thought I’d say this, but I’m really going to miss the wreckage that is WCRI (the building I live in) and the mess called Waterloo. Of course I’m excited to go to Ottawa, Cuba, Iceland, and Copenhagen (just mentioning this to make people jealous), but the idea […]

It’s so cold; it’s too cold to snow. Yet the snow of 2015 continues to fall. The land is covered blanket white. As the winter winds wail their call.* *The more poetic you are able to write, the more sophisticated you sound in Chinese. Photos: Juan Jie, Zhao Xiaojie, Chen Haiying, Hong He, Tai Zhiqiang, […]

Recently I went to Amsterdam to visit EUREKA Science Festival. I was part of the volunteer crew of the organization team. Together we prepared the festival and hosted all the visitors and speakers in a big venue in different locations coming from different universities and places. What is EUREKA Science Festival? EUREKA Science Festival is […]

When talking about exchange, the first things that come to mind are new friends, parties, travels, and more fun stuff. But you should not forget that there is also some studying that has to be done. As Fundação Getulio Vargas is the best business school of South America, I had high expectations. Since I just […]

Galera! After some amazing weekend trips, we finally had the opportunity to go further away to the Northeast of Brazil. The first set of classes was over and we had a week vacation before the second period started. So we booked a flight to Fortaleza and a flight back from Recife. In between, we had […]

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