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There’s this stereotype that I have in my head of the bumbling tourist: running shoes, backpack and sunglasses, camera looped around their wrist or neck, and eyes glued to a map whose creases indicate a constant state of haphazard folding and unfolding. I didn’t want to be this stereotype. This was probably a factor that […]

What I particularly love and respect about the Dutch people is their ability to quickly undress. The weather in the Netherlands is miserable all the year round, with strong icy winds during the winter and torrential rains over summer. There isn’t a “marvelous sunny morning” somewhere in April when you can triumphantly stuff all your […]

Campus Food

In: Vincent Coon

15 Apr 2014

Eventually, throughout your day at University, you will have to face the question of what to eat. Luckily, ever since the new campus has been opened, options are plentiful. First stop: The good old canteen in the H-building right next to the library. A precautionary note from my side would be that whatever you do […]


In: Anna Subich

8 Apr 2014

How to live in Rotterdam without money Let’s be honest: Rotterdam is not a paradise for freebees lovers. The weather is dispiriting for three seasons out of four and high life is costly all the year round – the two reasons why students so often end up with a bowl of spaghettis in front of […]

If there’s one thing you need to know about me, it’s that I absolutely love music. Attending concerts in new cities is one of my favourite ways to begin to understand a place. So naturally, one of my first goals upon arriving in Rotterdam was to hunt down a live music schedule, and plan my […]

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