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25 Jul 2013

Hello there! It just hit me that I have been in Rotterdam for almost an entire year; I wrote today’s post several months ago and I just decided it is the perfect time to publish it since this event, the World Port Days, is just around the corner (6-8 September 2013).

Hope you enjoy 🙂

Did you know that Port of Rotterdam is the largest port in Europe and the 4th in the world? Yes, you probably have heard this a gazillion times since you started thinking about attending Erasmus University; but yet again you may have not and it is nice to learn something new everyday, so there, a little piece of knowledge 🙂.

It’s been a few scarce weeks since school started and although a lot, the workload is still manageable; it is late summer, the weather is just perfect, and R’dam is hosting its famous World Port Days annual event. Will yours truly ever have a better opportunity to get to know what this city is all about? I think not. So I decided to book the best tour guide I could find (my Dutch roommie) and we ventured ourselves to experience this amazing festival that promised to show us the maritime aspect of the city.

Patricia Blog 9 foto 1 

We took the tram to the center of the city and set ourselves to walk to the Erasmusbrug (Erasmus bridge), which is one of the most beautiful structures the city has, especially at night when is lit up. Let me tell you, I have never seen so many boats in the water, it was a big party in the river and kids, grownups and grandpas alike were enjoying themselves in this beautiful September day. I leave you some pictures I took that day (I am sorry for the not so great quality since they were taken with my cellphone but you can get an idea from them 🙂)

Patricia Blog 9 foto 2

This is one of the boats docked in the marine and you were allowed to get inside and take a look at it, cool huh?

Patricia Blog 9 foto 3 





Patricia Blog 9 foto 4

Here, the famous Erasmus bridge, seen from underneath.

World Port Days is an unmissable event for internationals and Dutch alike. Come and enjoy a weekend of cool activities that will show you the maritime side of R’dam, World port, World city in a lovely summer day!

Until next time!


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