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In: Aldona Bermudez

28 Jun 2012

Hello everybody. Perhaps you’ve read more of my entries, but maybe this is your first time; and maybe I know you but then perhaps again I don’t. In any case, welcome to my 22nd and last entry for the Erasmus International student experience blog.  I hope to somehow have fulfilled the function of this blog […]

Tear drops…

In: Clarissa Alberg

25 Jun 2012

Of course this last one is an emotional one. I will miss my topic list, since I didn’t get to write about all the topics I had in mind and all of the people I met here.  I will also miss all the feedback you all gave me. Enough of that emotional stuff, for most […]

My weekend!

In: Clarissa Alberg

18 Jun 2012

This past weekend was crazy for me! Since singing is one of my passions, this is also something I pursuit next to school. If I will ever make it to the big leagues, that’s is something else, but for now I am enjoying every part of it. For the past 4 months I have been […]

I am somewhat of a Facebook addict. I like keeping up to date with what my friends abroad are up to, but I also really enjoy exchanging funny pictures and links with close friends. Facebook has become “intelligent” by listing the friends I interact with the most at the top. The people at the top […]

Le’ Exams

In: Clarissa Alberg

11 Jun 2012

We all want these last weeks to be over with and head home. Most of us have already bought a ticket (or at least looked at how much a ticket will cost). One of the hardest things to do, is staying focused knowing that the end is near and the Euro Cup is on. Especially […]

I can’t wait to stop obsessing about my thesis. It has become my life, and apparently my only topic of conversation these days. Whenever I manage to talk about something else, people come up to me saying: “Hey Aldona! How’s your thesis?” I’m wondering if I have taken it too far by thinking that I […]

If there is one thing I have grown to like very much in Holland it is the Dutch rap. Why I like it is basically because of how most of these rappers use their words. With my cultural background their use of words makes me feel at home away from home. The words they use […]

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