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That everything is connected is not a new idea, but how can we be more aware of how we are connected to each other, and how can we join our minds to create something? If I hadn’t enrolled in the Media, Culture & Society master program, I probably wouldn’t be writing this piece, and I […]

The sender, the message or the messenger. Which one is important? After hearing that a dog bit the little boy, who delivers the newspapers here, I was very sad this past week. Another friend of mine also had a clash of words with the boss due to a wrong message from another employee. As she […]


In: Clarissa Alberg

14 May 2012

Monday (i/ˈmʌndeɪ/ or /ˈmʌndi/) is the day of the week between Sunday and Tuesday. According to international standards it is the first day of the work week. According to the Christian, Islamic and Hebrew Calendars, Sunday is the first day of the week. The name of Monday is derived from Old English Mōnandæg and Middle […]

Since summer is approaching, I think that while some students are pushing through to finish off an academic year, others are exploring what’s out there and considering the options. In regards to the latter group, there are some things that are handy to know as an international student coming to the Netherlands. I browsed some […]

I just happen to run into the right people with extraordinary stories. As I just plunged into a train seat on my way from Rotterdam to Amsterdam I planned to read through my notes and prepare my next article when I heard a deep voice asking “Is this seat taken?” I saw a slim, light […]

Sky high

In: Aldona Bermudez

3 May 2012

Imagine: you are sitting comfortably on a swing, your legs hanging loose. It’s not hot, and the air is refreshing. Then you are slowly, smoothly lifted as you watch the city of Rotterdam getting smaller under your feet as the horizon extends and then you slowly start flying around. It’s real, at the fair in […]

If you weren’t locked up in your room yesterday studying, as you should be, because that’s what we came to Holland for, there was no way you could have missed all the festivities outside. It was Queen’s day! On this day we here in Holland and also at the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba, celebrate the […]

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