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Cities in the Netherlands are much like each other, whereas in countries like Spain and Italy each city is its own world. Yet to say that all Dutch cities are the same would be too simply put. What follows is a brief account of the cities I’ve visited so far. Rotterdam: The city night view […]


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23 Apr 2012

April 14th we had the yearly Marathon here in Rotterdam. Anyone who wanted to participate could participate either as in individual or as part of a company or team.   This event locks downs or changes the entire upper-ground public transportation and fills up all the subways to the point of suffocation, but everybody is […]

I would like to start off this entry by letting out this unexpected excitement I’m experiencing about writing my thesis. So far, it’s been a bit tedious even though it’s a subject I’m interested in (female DJ’s in the Netherlands), because it’s mostly been about reading and writing about the stuff I’ve been reading about […]

The campus nowadays looks like a bad jungle movie mixed with that sandy level in Mario on the very first NINTENDO (minus beautiful trees and animals, but you understand me). With all the construction taking place and all the horrible drilling sounds during class, all we can hope for is an amazing final result. Everyday […]

Education policies of Erasmus University Rotterdam are changing, and not for everyone’s benefit. To be specific, the new system that is to be integrated coming September entails passing all your classes (60 ECTS per year) before continuing with your next academic year. This hinders, among others, those who organise Eurekaweek and the Erasmus Recruiting Days. […]

Yesterday (April 4th), electricity shut down in Rotterdam for the third time this year. In the end of January 50,000 people were left without electricity for a few hours, the second week of February it was 2,000, and yesterday 10,000 homes had to do without for a while. The shut down happened in the afternoon […]

For most of us our exams have already passed or are nearing the end. This is phase in which we check our SIN-online daily in order to see whether the lecturer already posted either grades or mc answers. But in my years I have learned to take care of my post-exam stress, because I felt […]

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