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I feel I didn’t really get the full experience of being a student at Erasmus. Apart from attending classes, I did socialise with my classmates (who are a very fun bunch!), and used to go to the canteen and university library almost on a daily basis.  But over the course of the last two terms, […]

For the students with Dutch nationalities attending a University (WO) or a University of applied science (HBO) the “free” money date has recently passed. Which means that most clubs and shops (hence the weather) will be filled again. This “free” money (a.k.a Studiefinanciering of Stufi) however is only handed to them if the meet certain […]

Now that my eye infection is finally gone I can celebrate that I can be getting back on track with my thesis (it’s really haunting me). Rotterdam is too much fun at the moment, so at this very moment I am retreated in my old room in The Hague at my dad’s place—a place where […]


In: Clarissa Alberg

20 Mar 2012

I once heard the sentence “a picture is the only way you can capture a moment forever, that moment will NEVER happen again.” I then started a big discussion (and tried to sound all educated and stuff, while knowing that this person was right).  I remembered saying something like: “but what if we re-create or […]


In: Aldona Bermudez

15 Mar 2012

Last Saturday I went to Museumnacht with a lively group of girls. From the group, I only knew my boyfriend’s sister and cousin, but it took no time for us to all get along and have a good laugh. During Museumnacht, 40 museums in Rotterdam open their doors to the public from 8:00P.M. until 2:00A.M. […]

Last week I visited a retired friend and as we chatted she told me the following story: “I worked for a law firm for 16 years. I started as a young, slim, enthusiastic and healthy employee. I worked many extra hours for the firm especially when there were very comprehensive files to be prepared for […]


In: Aldona Bermudez

8 Mar 2012

Last weekend I visited the farmer’s market at Museumplein. I expected the whole square to be filled with stands, but it wasn’t that full, although there was enough variety to roam around for a while. I bought red onion-honey sambal, four 4 massive potatoes I feel I was kind of forced to buy (the guy […]

The explanation of this word is said to be: The drawing or writings of words or pictures on any surface, without permission of the property owner, or simply in a public place. While some see it as pure vandalism, other perceive it to be either the marking of ones territory or beautiful art. In some […]

Last week I started a new job at Database Fulfillment in Capelle aan de IJssel. Although it’s not exciting (I do data entry all day long), I’m happy with it. I need the money, having a job makes me manage my time more responsibly, and working for a Dutch company gives me the feeling of […]

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