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While reading the book by John Gallaugher for my Business Information Management Class, one sentence caught my eye. “The intersection where technology and business meet is both terrifying and exhilarating. But if you’re under the age of thirty, realize that this is your space. While the fortunes of any individual or firm rise and fall […]

How Dutch?

In: Aldona Bermudez

23 Feb 2012

My Dutch friends think I’m very Latin and my Latin friends think I’m very Dutch. Having moved to the Netherlands at the age of 9, I feel both and neither. There are some things about Venezuela like the food, music, and warmth of the people (especially my family) that make me feel nostalgic. Venezuela is […]

The EUR Memes page on facebook now has over 1600 likes and has over 2500 people talking about it.  This only means that the rest either has no idea it exists or does not know what a meme is. When Googeling: “What is a Meme”, you quickly get very different explanations. Historically a meme is […]

As I ice-skated on the Rotte river on Sunday, I felt as if I was part of an illustrated European children’s storybook, mesmerised at the beautiful sight of the cute houses alongside the river covered in snow.  After a week of winter wonderland, Rotterdam is now unfrozen and I am surprised at the lack of […]

The main issue in the news these past days is the protest going on in Iran and the measures taken by their government to try to not make it happen. According to sources, Iran has demonstrated further evidence of its strict regime after the government cut internet links leaving millions without email and social networks. […]

Today, I will be writing a little less about my personal life, and a little more about what’s been going on in Rotterdam. As you all probably know, last week was the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR). Films played in theatres all over town, and it attracted 274,000 visitors in total. My choice went for […]

I am already considering myself a criminal, but I am not in prison yet. But I suggest you all start making “Free Clarissa” shirts and at least mention my name a few times in your raps, because I just might be heading to prison if ACTA happens. Since my prestigious start at the IBCoM programme […]

First of all, thank you for your appreciative comments—they fire me with enthusiasm to dedicate myself to writing this blog. Although I prioritise personal safety, my spirit of inquiry tends to draw me to unknown territories. This tendency is driven by some kind of deep-rooted notion that exploring the unfamiliar is the best way to […]

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