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You find several lists like this one: For those of you who don’t feel like clicking on the link, it’s basically a list of typically Dutch things.  The people who have lived here for a while probably don’t think twice of most of the items on there.  I, however, find stuff like this way […]

The day that the reigning monarch of the Netherlands (who is currently Queen Beatrix) addresses both the house of senate and the House of Representatives in The Hague is what is termed as Prinsjesdag. Forget about my political jargon. It was a memorable event and I was proud to be there. This happened on the […]

One of the (many) wonderful things that ESN does for international students is organize trips to cities around the Netherlands.  I never really appreciated the fact that ESN takes care of all of the planning aspects of the trips until I attempted to plan my own excursions – let’s just say that it’s really, really […]

I took a trip to The Hague for two main reasons: On the one hand, it was a tour to see the town and some other beach parts of the Netherlands. On the other hand, it was as part of the formality to register myself the Ghanaian Embassy. In fact most international students are already […]

En Brugge!

In: Marjan Charness

15 Sep 2011

Bruges is a tricky town because if you pronounce the name like most Americans would (Bruges, sounds like Broo-je), you get strange looks from people who speak Dutch or German.  I figured this one out when a bunch of people asked me why on earth I was going to Bruges, France (which is near Bordeaux), […]

After studying in this University for a year, I have become not only comfortable educationally, but also I have become confident in my life. The boat trip for the pre-masters and the master’s students was very cozy. Cozy is a near word that I can use to replace what the Dutch call “Gezellig”.  This is […]

I’ve been in the Netherlands for almost three weeks and keep forgetting that this semester is not just an incredibly awesome school-sanctioned vacation.  It also involves things like going to class and doing schoolwork.  I was reminded of the fact that studying abroad involves actual schoolwork last Wednesday, when I started the courses involved in […]

After going through a year’s course in the university, there are certain practices that I have developed, which have helped me in many ways towards my effective studies. It is therefore an advice or a guide and may work effectively for you but it is not mandatory to follow these suggestions. First of all, I […]

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