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There are certain universal truths in the world.  One of these truths is that university students will always look for the most inexpensive way to feed themselves.  As a university student with no source of income, I’m constantly looking for good deals on mundane but essential items – like food.  I would much rather spend […]

I moved into my Kralinger apartment on the 19th, which meant that I had two days to unpack, sleep off the jet lag, and figure out the Dutch public transit system before the ESN Introdays started.  Arizona has remarkably lackluster public transit – there is a bus system that usually runs 10 minutes late and […]

“Asapa” is one of the terms used in Ghana for a carnival festivity. It literary means “good dance”. The Brazilians call it samba. You may have different names for it in your country or culture but one thing is certain, there is always a medium where dancers, musicians and other artists among others display their […]

By the time I finish this blog entry, I’ll have exactly 35 hours until I leave for my flight to Amsterdam. The responsible thing to do would have been to pack gradually over the span of a week or so.  Naturally, I just started throwing my clothing into a suitcase today. I don’t usually procrastinate […]

One of the most appreciating things I like about Erasmus University is its habit of providing introduction programmes for students even before official classes begin. I enjoyed my first introduction last year as explained earlier in my previous blog. Even though, I initially thought that it was specifically meant for pre-masters students, other international students, […]

Welkom!  I believe that’s how the Dutch say “welcome,” according to my Dutch tutorial CDs.  If you’re reading this blog, then hopefully the audio lessons have come in handy and I’ve successfully navigated myself from Schiphol Airport to Erasmus University, my home away from home for the next several months.  My name is Marjan, and […]

This blog has a new blogger and his name is Abdul. This is his first blog where he introduces himself.   Ghana is my home country. It is situated in the western part of Africa. I went through my elementary and high school studies in that country. Furthermore I travelled to Malaysia to do my […]

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