Flowers, pretty flowers!

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15 Apr 2011

Well it’s well known that the Netherlands is the place where you can find cheese, windmills, a beautiful language… and tulips. Well, not just tulips, but mainly that. For those of you who have travelled by car, seeing the flower fields surely isn’t something new… but for the rest, that is a sight to see.

I passed through this country when I was 8 if I’m not mistaken (I don’t know why this hurt a lil’ bit… maybe cause it was 14 years ago…which makes me feel like a fossil). And even during that visit I noticed that there is a lot of green in this country, with farms almost everywhere. And of course I saw the long long red, yellow and purple lines that show up in the distance, marking the nice places where a big part of the world’s flower industry lays.

For those who want to see up close the impressive flowers everybody’s talking about, I know a place where you can go! It’s called Keukenhof and  it’s this huuuuge garden where they have a gazillion types of flowers. Of course, mostly tulips. What is that thought I sense you’re having now?? “Tulips…what can be so special about them?” Huh? Well… here’s WHAT!

And they also have other attractions, like a petting zoo with lots of different types of bunnies, some turkeys, sheep, pigs, a small calf (that’s a baby cow, just to spare some people from googling it), a pony and some other animals I might have not noticed.

It’s a really great place, so you should definitely check it out… but keep in mind it’s only open till May 20th.

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