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13 Apr 2011

Basically everybody who has an Internet connection has heard of the Mountain View, California based technology giant. And I can’t be mistaking if I say that more than ¾ of the students at RSM would LOVE to work for them (I don’t use EUR here as EUR contains also faculties like Philosophy or Erasmus MC).

And here they were, in our Woudestein Campus! Yes, you heard it right. And as far as I’ve heard, RSM – EUR are some nice words to have in your CV when applying for a position at Google.

But for those who have missed them, here’s what happened (which is only what I know, there might be more). And I guess everybody has been at the Erasmus Recruitment Days company presentation, so I will skip that.

Well… me and my colleagues in the Innovative Entrepreneurship class got a really nice gift from our teachers, who announced that we would have a guest lecture from Google on Creativity. “Sweet!” <- That’s what I said when reading the email about this event. And it was indeed really nice because: 1. Tobias (the guest) explained the principles that Google uses as guidelines to ensure creativity within the giant company; 2. It’s always nice to have different formats for learning and 3. It was Google! … And we could ask and get questions from a Googler, who could give us info from within the company, not the usual “I heard from a friend that Google does X and Y”.

Well, almost at the same time as this presentation Google also organised a small workshop more or less on the same topic and I heard it was really interesting and useful… and there was some competition to get into it, with CV submission and all. Or that’s what I heard…

But the actual event that made me write these lines was the company presentation. Nothing fancy, free-for-all presentation but still with an attendance list at the door. And this time Tobias was joined by two colleagues, one was a recruiter (Jason) while the third person joined Google through OMAP. But wait! What is OMAP? Well, that’s what it was all about! Google and OMAP. Students and EMEA jobs. OMAP stands for Online Media Associate Programme and is one of the ways YOU could join one of the best companies in the world. It was really nice to see how fun a company presentation could be, given the right dosage of public stimulation (people got prizes for asking questions and being active listeners!) mixed with simple but relevant PPT slides and with speakers who could answer almost every question thrown by the crowd. Well, what can I say… following the presentation I’ve started reviewing my CV and applying! And I’m sure I am not the only one.

We also got a lot of fun facts, like the amount of bananas or coffee consumed by the Irish office… These came in the form of questions like “Who can guess how many bananas we eat per week at Google Ireland?”. And some answers were really funny, cause they suggested that Googlers were on a banana diet and caffeine addicted. Of course that’s not true and the actual company environment, as presented that day, is as awesome as they say…

So I suggest you search for some info regarding internships, graduate programs or job opportunities and apply… because Financial Times didn’t rank Google as one of the best employers out there for nothing!

Another suggestion is to go tomorrow to Global Beats! It’s a great opportunity for partying, so why not ? 😉  And it’s on the 14th!

AAAnd get signed up for an event that is a bit more to my taste: WWAP ! Old School Hip Hop, 90’s and 00’s. Hope it’s international HipHop though ^_^

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