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11 Apr 2011
– To better understand this post please don’t read it too fast and look for videos of the earthquake, tsunami and aftermath on the web –

It was exactly 1 month ago. 2.46pm local time…

Sometimes the question is “Why”… Other times it’s “Do you believe in God?”

Whatever the answer for this question, do pray for Japan. Atheists or not, Christians, Buddhists, Muslims or other religions…because above all we are humans, and tragedy brings all together, regardless of background. Prayer, wish, good thought, whatever you want to call it. Do it for the Japanese people.

It came with a force of 9.1 on the Richter scale according to some, 8.9 according to others. There are quite a few videos that show skyscrapers in Tokyo swaying, while others show the sheer destruction that followed. It came on the back of a 10 meter-high wall of water… Makes you wonder what could anyone possibly do when this is what’s coming towards you? Maybe run? Look for higher ground?

Unfortunately there was not enough time for the 13,000 people already found dead, while there are around 15,000 still missing.

I can’t imagine what Japanese students at EUR went through when thinking of loved ones back home in Japan. And I couldn’t bear to be in their position.

… the earth is still trembling from time to time, with another 7.4 Earthquake on April 7th… No tsunami this time, even if some areas reported 2 meter high waves.

You can find details about the situation in Japan, the earthquakes, tsunami and crippled nuclear power plant.

But after tragedy there comes unity. Millions of people prayed, donated or went to Japan to help. Amazing survival stories surfaced from under the debris … Elderly people rescued after more than 1 week, a courageous captain that didn’t give up his ship and took on the tsunami, a dog reunited with its owner after it was out on a pile of debris on the ocean for 2 weeks…

There are so many shocking things, but you can see them and read them on news websites.

What I wanted to do is simply speak out my support and say “God, please help Japan!”. With this I have joined others at EUR who have shared this message before me :



I guess the suggestion for today is: Pray for Japan. And, if possible, make a donation to an NGO that is active there! (The Red Cross for example)

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