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The marketplace

In: Iulian Cosa

30 Mar 2011

The financial aspects of student life push students to go for the cheaper options. But who said cheaper necessarily means lower quality? The first thing that someone told me to visit in Rotterdam was … the marketplace. Why? Because every Tuesday and Saturday you get the opportunity to buy almost everything you can think of […]

Actually it was a bicycle ride and not a walk, but that’s not the point. The point is that Rotterdam has one of the biggest and nicest parks I have ever seen. And it was filled with people strolling, running, biking or just sitting around enjoying the sunny weather and the view of the city. […]

Girls wearing fashionable T-shirts and jackets, boys with funky sunglasses, the sun high up in the sky… and a new exam session. Those are all signs that spring is starting to make its presence felt! And there is almost no one who feels bad about it, because, let’s be honest, even if some exams are […]

Finally home!

In: Iulian Cosa

17 Mar 2011

The opportunities that have been given to me by Erasmus University are amazing, and I say that with all honesty.  I just got back from a trip to my home country of Romania (yes, yes, it is a country hehe) where I took part in collecting data for one of the projects coordinated by a […]

Hello Rotterdam!

In: Iulian Cosa

10 Mar 2011

If my memory serves me right, those were the words that passed through my mind when I crossed the Van Brienenoordbrug in search of my hotel. It was a wonderful evening, and the lights of Rotterdam made me forget the 2400 kilometer, two day drive from home. Indeed it was… how do you call it… […]

Well, it’s time now. Time to have (at least one) international experience at EUR written online. I’m really glad I get to do it now, because I’ve been dreaming of writing for a while now. And what better to write about than life as a foreign student at Erasmus University Rotterdam? And don’t worry, it […]

Iulian Cosa is a 22 year old student from the city of Bacau, Romania. He graduated from the Academy of Economic Studies of Bucharest in 2010 and enrolled for the MSc in Business Administration – Organisational Change and Consulting at RSM. Iulian: “I like Business Administration and love Management. I dislike the weather in Rotterdam, […]

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