Student Contest: the university of the future

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21 Feb 2012

Dear EUR students, I would like to invite you to enter a contest. I am harvesting ideas about “the university of the future”: what will it look like? How is it different from today? What needs to be done to create it? Here’s the challenge: send me your ideas in the form of a ‘column’ of (min) 500 – (max) 1000 words. Please write either in Dutch or in English. There are no boundary conditions: feel free to use your imagination and creativity. A jury will review your ideas, and the best 4 will win a free entry ticket to this year’s PINC conference on 22 May ( This conference, which usually sells out very quickly, brings together creative minds of all walks of life in an unforgettable setting. The best 10 will be invited for lunch in the Faculty club, where you will have an opportunity to share your ideas with senior members of the university faculty and administration. A unique opportunity to inspire others with your vision.
Submission deadline is 15 April. Please send your entries to the Executive Board, PO box 1738, NL-3000 DR Rotterdam or by email to

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Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam

Pauline van der Meer Mohr is president of the Executive Board and is responsible for general administrative matters, such as the relationship with the Board of Trustees and the University Council. She focuses on the strategic policy, international affairs and external contacts, including the Rotterdam region, industry and other knowledge institutions.

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