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It’s always a good thing to ask for feedback on plans, as we did on the collaboration scenarios with Delft and Leiden. Last week, the faculty club filled up with alumni. But I also received some 200 emails from various alumni and other ‘friends of the family’. I have done my utmost to reply to […]

This evening, Erasmus University alumni are gathering in the faculty club to join the dialogue about out alliance with the universities of Delft and Leiden. We will use this opportunity to also brief this important stakeholder group on our plans to establish a university college in central Rotterdam. We are seeing a growing trend in […]

This week, Erasmus magazine features an accurate – though depressing – overview of the disappointing diversity statistics in our university. We sadly have to recognize that our target of achieving 15% female professors by 1012 will not be met. Some Schools (such as ESL and FSW) are notable exceptions to the rule that male promotions […]

Times Higher Education features a recent article on an agreement to reduce the number of Welsh universities from 10 to 6. This must be one of the most radical reforms in a long time. Somehow I cannot yet imagine cutting back the number of Dutch universities from 13 to, say, 8 in the next few […]

On Thursday October 13th, the only red chair at the table of the Executive Board of the EUR was not occupied as usually by Pauline van der Meer Mohr, but by me, Adriane van Houten. Whereas I normally sit in one of the classrooms in the T-building following courses of my Masters program at RSM, […]

This week saw an interesting parliamentary debate over large scale mergers in our sector. Sparked by the history of InHolland (one of the 52 universities of applied sciences in this country), and by the recent announcements of various universities about their alliance plans, Parliament engaged in a debate around the desirability of mergers. The overriding […]

When I first arrived at Erasmus University Rotterdam I was well aware of the reputation of its students as entrepreneurs and as people who rise to a challenge. I was, therefore, not surprised to hear of the enthusiastic response to the Kilimanjaro project. I am extremely proud to have the first ever female Kilimanjaro MBA […] In 1956, Harvard and MIT ended a longish period of antagonisms and decided to replace hostility with collaboration. The attached article regales the story of war and peace in Cambridge, Massachusets. Over the weekend, I have received a few dozens of reactions from alumni on the collaboration plans with Leiden and Delft. One of […]

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Pauline van der Meer Mohr is president of the Executive Board and is responsible for general administrative matters, such as the relationship with the Board of Trustees and the University Council. She focuses on the strategic policy, international affairs and external contacts, including the Rotterdam region, industry and other knowledge institutions.

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