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I am frequently asked what I think about students becoming entrepreneurs, for example in the context of HOPE. Here’s what I usually say: – entrepreneurs are the engine of our economy. They secure progress and prosperity for the world. Without entrepreneurs we would not have transport, logistics, high tech, energy or service sectors in  our […]

University Library

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28 Apr 2010

To prepare for my guided tour of the University library today, I had checked out the old mr Bean – Library video on YouTube, just to get in the mood. Of course, the real thing referred all stereotypes and prejudices to fantasy land. Our library is rapidly becoming a university library of the future, rethinking […]

Social Responsibility

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26 Apr 2010

Can anyone tell me how many people are involved, in some way or other, in some form of social responsibility at Erasmus University? A quick scan of the landscape suggests that we have a central “mvo” team (maatschappelijk verantwoord ondernemen, a bit of a misnomer for a university but all right). Then we have several […]

This is the title of the triptych commissioned by ISS for the Erasmus Carillon on the occasion of the merger of ISS and the Erasmus University. Yesterday we said goodbye to Louk de la Rive Box, ISS Rector for many years, and I was reminded of how appropriate that title really was and how it […]

Since I joined the university in January, I had my second paperazzi moment last Saturday. The first was an unintended byproduct of the inaugural address of the ISS Prince Claus Chair. The attendance of royalty always draws attention. But Saturday, when I joined the annual congress of my political party, I suddenly found myself in […]

With the upcoming elections for the University Council (Universiteitsraad) I should like to take a moment to blog about the importance of this group of people. To us as College van Bestuur, the so-called “U-raad” is of utmost relevance as sounding board, trusted advisors, trend spotters, eyes and ears of the academic community and critical […]


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14 Apr 2010

Yesterday, the long awaited ” Veerman-report” was issued, with several recommendations for improvement of the system of higher education in the Netherlands. First reviews were positive and encouraging all around. Veerman’s most prominent items include stronger profiling (focus) of Universities, changing the funding mechanism to enable universities to focus on excellence in stead of student numbers, giving universities […]

When I was an undergraduate of Erasmus School of law, in 1981, Skadi won the Varsity race for the first time in its history. So when I learned that this year, my old rowing club was bound to win another race for the 5th consecutive time, I was more than thrilled. And yes, they won […]

After yesterday’s annual general meeting of shareholders at RSM, we said goodbye to Floris Maljers, who served and supported RSM for many years and in many different capacities, including professor of corporate governance and chair of the RSM supervisory board. Many of his close colleages and friends at RSM were present to thank him for his […]

I bet this one drew your attention. Believe it or not, policy makers are now beginning to think about frameworks for managing and regulating cognitive enhancement, focusing on the use of pharmaceuticals in business and education. Sometimes I ask my colleagues whether they use cognitive enhancement drugs (a big taboo in some countries including the […]

Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam

Pauline van der Meer Mohr is president of the Executive Board and is responsible for general administrative matters, such as the relationship with the Board of Trustees and the University Council. She focuses on the strategic policy, international affairs and external contacts, including the Rotterdam region, industry and other knowledge institutions.

  • Caroline: Pauline mooi en dank voor je gedachten over vertrouwen en fijne donderdag genietend Caroline [...]
  • Pauline van der Meer Mohr: Ik hield van Quod Novum, het blad uit mijn jeugd, maar ik heb ook veel waardering voor Erasmus Magaz [...]
  • Pauline van der Meer Mohr: het idee van bundeling van methodologische expertise spreekt me aan. Ben het eens met je opmerking d [...]
  • Steven Van de Walle: Innovatie in publieke diensten is een van de kernthema’s van de Vakgroep Bestuurskunde. We starten [...]
  • Hans-Peter: Hoewel het CvB -gezien de onafhankelijkheid van EM- hierover niet gaat, zou ik toch langs deze omweg [...]


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