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The following (professional) vacancies are available at the Refugee Law Project, which forms part of the Faculty of Law at Makerere University in Uganda.

refugee-law-project-logoAdministrative Assistant – Kitgum [1]
Trainee (Gender & Sexuality)
Legal Assistant [2]
Legal Officer [1]
Sexual and Gender Based Officer [1]
Community Counselors (Nakivale and Kyangwali Refugee Settlement) [4]
Community English Language Instructors (Nakivale and Kyangwali Refugee Settlements) [4]
Community Paralegal (Nakivale and Kyangwali Refugee Settlement) [4]

For complete details on the vacancies, kindly follow the links to each. Deadline for submission of applications is Friday 29th July 2016 at 5:00pm

For more information, please contact us at info@refugeelawproject.org or visit our website at www.refugeelawproject.org. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Whatsapp (+256-776897057).

Refugee Law Project director Dr. Chris Dolan will lead a discussion on sexual violence again men in conflict settings.

refugee-law-project-logoA short presentation and discussion with Dr. Chris Dolan, Director of the Refugee Law Project at the School of Law, Makerere University in Uganda, will be preceded by a film screening from the Refugee Law Project’s series “Journeys to Activism”, each just over 5 minutes long.

This event is being co-sponsored by the ISS teaching major in Social Justice Perspectives and the ISS research programme in Governance, Globalization and Social Justice.

Venue:  ISS, Kortenaerkade 12, Den Haag
Room:  3.14
Date:   20 November 2015
Time:   16.15-17.45






Hivos and the Netherlands Institute of Human Rights (SIM) are proud to invite you to a special debate entitled:

Women on the Frontline. Inclusive transition in the Middle East and North Africa

Utrecht, 20 September 2013, 15.00 – 17.00

The events in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) have shaken the world. All over the region countries are in a state of transition, although the nature and stage of this transition differs dramatically. The opening up of societies provides unprecedented opportunities for investing in the improvement of gender equality and women’s empowerment. On the other hand, the uprising also generates major challenges. In some MENA countries there is already a decrease in women’s political participation and an increase in gender-based violence. Dialogue is of the utmost importance; between the government and opposition, government and civil society and also within civil society at large. Women need to be ready and able to make their voices heard when the transition is completed, but also now.

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