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On Human Rights Day, 10th December we may spare a thought for those Alumni working in Conflict areas.

10 December is also National Victims Day in Afghanistan. Unfortunately, not all our Alumni go on to have an easy life, or can focus on their careers. Those who live in conflict zones may have more pressing priorities. When he was studying at ISS, Hadi Marifat was a TEDx speaker in The Hague Peace Palace in 2013.  He sends this report from Afghanistan:

HadiAs US and international troops reduce their direct military role in Afghanistan, and remain behind for some more years to ‘ assist and advise’ the national forces, alumni, Hadi Marifat (Human Rights, Gender and Conflict Studies, 2012-2013) reports on how some NGOs have tried to work to protect civilians in Afghanistan.  As reported in the media, suicide attacks have increased in Kabul in recent months. Though no-one was hurt this time, windows in the offices where Hadi works were recently shattered. More

HadiUpcloseSJP (2013) student Hadi Marifat presented at the TedX Hague Academy event.

Explaining what in his view it will take to bring peace in Afghanistan. Hadi Marifat, an Afghan human rights activist, shares his innovative “Memory Box” project, which addresses the trauma in Afghan society. He insists that the victims of war should be brought to the forefront of the reconciliation process.

The video of his talk is available here: Ted X talk by Hadi Marifat

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