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Zeid warns against populists and demagogues in Europe and the U.S.

THE HAGUE / GENEVA (5 September 2016) –  In a hard-hitting speech in the Hague on Monday, UN human rights chief Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein called for action to confront European and U.S. demagogues who blend a fictional halcyon past  with a classic propagandist mix of half truths and oversimplification, resulting in “the banalization of bigotry” and an atmosphere thick with hate that may descend into violence.


As noted by Vincent Bernard and Helen Durham in this special issue on sexual violence in armed conflict:

It is no longer tenable to claim that sexual violence is simply an ugly facet of our worst human inclinations and an unfortunate companion of war; today it is widely acknowledged that sexual violence is not an inevitable consequence of armed conflict.

The latest issue of the International Review of the Red Cross (IRRC), published by the International Committee of the Red Cross and Cambridge University Press, includes a contribution by Dr. Chris Dolan, who presented in a GGSJ/SJP-sponsored seminar in November 2015.

Follow this link to access this issue for free, until the end of 2015.

wdw_logo_for_web_blueYou are invited to attend two exhibitions taking place at the Witte de With Centre for Contemporary Art in Rotterdam.

Each  exhibition will be accompanied by discussions. See more information below, or click here.



Will joining the ICC finally lead to justice?

Jeff Handmaker and Friederycke Haijer

ICCal-Araby English

Date of publication 2 February, 2015

It has its critics and its cynics. But despite the limitations, the move to the ICC is full of potential for Palestinians looking for accountability and an institution looking for relevance outside Africa. For the full article, read here.



Judicial Enforcement of Economic, Social & Cultural Rights

ICJ-logoVideo Interviews: voices from the Geneva Forum on Judicial Enforcement of ESCR

On 4 and 5 December 2014, the ICJ welcomed judges and lawyers from all regions of the world to discuss the “Judicial Enforcement of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights” (ESCR).

In connection with the Forum, the ICJ produced short video interviews with Jacqueline Dugard, Hina Jilani, Rodrigo Uprimny Yepes, Gilles Badet, Alejandra Ancheita and Harsh Mander. In the interviews, available here, these experts and practitioners share their views on judicial protection of ESCR, and overcoming the obstacles to effective remedy for victims. They also talk more generally about the main opportunities and key challenges for the realization of ESCR in their respective countries. More

On Human Rights Day, 10th December we may spare a thought for those Alumni working in Conflict areas.

10 December is also National Victims Day in Afghanistan. Unfortunately, not all our Alumni go on to have an easy life, or can focus on their careers. Those who live in conflict zones may have more pressing priorities. When he was studying at ISS, Hadi Marifat was a TEDx speaker in The Hague Peace Palace in 2013.  He sends this report from Afghanistan:

HadiAs US and international troops reduce their direct military role in Afghanistan, and remain behind for some more years to ‘ assist and advise’ the national forces, alumni, Hadi Marifat (Human Rights, Gender and Conflict Studies, 2012-2013) reports on how some NGOs have tried to work to protect civilians in Afghanistan.  As reported in the media, suicide attacks have increased in Kabul in recent months. Though no-one was hurt this time, windows in the offices where Hadi works were recently shattered. More

‘No women, no peace!’ Shirin Ebadi

“The world needs peace in order to survive and have tranquillity. And peace needs the procreative spirit of women in order to sustain itself.”

Shirin-Ebadi-290x290On Tuesday 25 November 2014, the internationally-renowned and prize-winning jurist, Ms. Shirin Ebadi, delivered a powerful talk in The Hague at the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) of Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Ms. Ebadi spoke about the role of women in promoting peace and democracy in the Middle East. The full text of her talk is available HERE.

Has the ICC brought benefits?

Odong Jackson, a Master’s student majoring in Social Justice Perspectives (SJP) as part of the development studies programme at the ISS in The Hague, was interviewed for the Justice Hub.

He was explaining his views in relation to the ICC and international criminal justice in general.

You can read the full interview here.



On 19 September, SJP Professor Karin Arts participated in the HagueTalks.

Described by one participant as a “a very inspiring event”, the event was held in the Peace Palace, and meant to be “a meeting place for creative minds, peace inventors and game changers in the field of peace and justice”.

Karin Arts presenting at Hague Talks at the Peace Palace

Photo (c) Kristen Cheney

The theme of Arts’ talk was ‘Young Justice: Kids in Conflict‘ and has been posted on YouTube. For more photos of her talk, visit the Hague Talks Facebook page.

All speakers focused on a  diverse range of aspects, from the role of music and dance, religion, philosophy, art, law (including human rights and children’s rights), data and identity. See the Hague Talks website for further general details, as well as the Hague Talks Facebook page and Twitter channel. For all videos in the series, see: http://m.youtube.com/user/haguetalks

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