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GGSJ Senior researcher, Jeff Handmaker has been presenting his research on legal mobilization at several different events.

JeffHandmakerISSIn December 2014, Handmaker and Arts were awarded a 5-year matching research grant (September 2015 – 2020) to collaborate with colleagues at the Erasmus School of Law and Erasmus Faculty of Culture and History. This led to the creation of the INFAR (Integrating Normative and Functional Approaches to the Rule of Law) project, led by ESL colleague Prof. Sanne Taekema which was launched in September 2015. The project includes a focus on legal mobilization.

An interview was also done for an article on legal mobilization and climate change for the Dutch magazine De Groene Amsterdammer.

In November 2015, Jeff co-organised a Symposium at ISS on legal mobilization with Erasmus Mundus Visiting Scholar to the ISS Lauren Paremoer. The event, in which the International Development Law Organization (IDLO) was a co-sponsor, involved various reflections on the theme, including contributions from GGSJ Senior Researcher Helen Hintjens as well as CIRI Senior Researcher Peter Knorringa. A report of this Symposium is available here.

On 14 January 2016, Handmaker presented on a similar theme, with a focus on corporate accountability, at the Annual Meeting (Jaarcongres) of the Dutch-Flemish Socio-Legal Studies Association and on 28 January 2016, Handmaker presented a further, related paper at the INFAR conference on “Changing Narratives of the Rule of Law: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives”.


On 25 November 2015 (10.30 – 12 pm), GGSJ (PhD) researcher Velezinee Aisath will participate in a panel discussion at the Hague Institute for Global Justice

IGJ logo JPGThe speakers, which also include Mr. JJ Robinson (journalist and author) and Mr. Adrian Neville (photographer and author), will discuss the continuing challenges faced by the Maldives in relation to democratic transition.

Dr. Lyal Sunga, Head of the Rule of Law program at The Hague Institute for Global Justice, will moderate the discussion.

More information available here.

GGSJ Senior researchers Karin Arts and Jeff Handmaker at the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS), together with colleagues at the Erasmus School of Law (ESL) and the Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication (ESHCC),  have been awarded a significant research grant

This five-year research project, led by ESL Professor Sanne Taekema and entitled Integrating Functional and Normative Approaches to Rule of Law and Human Rights, involves 10 principal researchers located at the three EUR faculties mentioned above. The project will support 2 postdoc positions, 4 visiting professors (including Kim Lane Scheppele of Princeton University) and a number of conferences and expert meetings.

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8 Nov 2013

TUdelftEIT ICT Labs’ Conference Mediating Presence: Mediating Justice 4 December 2013

@ TBM & Library TU Delft

Announcement: EIT ICT Labs’ Conference Mediating Presence & Call for abstracts

Delft University of Technology will host the EIT ICT Labs’ conference ‘Mediating Justice: the changing nature of presence in the era of ubiquitous technology’.

Closing the research programme Mediating Presence, this conference aims to accelerate into the future and identify trends and implications of possible future systems of law. Can a courtroom be mediated? Will networks generate new systems of law? Is a new dynamic between fact and fiction emerging?

Results of contributions and deliberations are to be published in a special issue of AI & Society, Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Communication (eds.: prof.dr. Inge van der Vlies, dr. Caroline Nevejan, dr. Satinder Gill). Several authors have submitted abstracts in advance and will discuss these.

Presentations and short design workshops are solicited. EIT ICT Labs’s university faculty and students, artists and members of societal organisations are all invited to participate.

The detailed programme and registration will follow shortly.

Cost Action IS 0702 Policy briefs now available online

Karin Arts

Recently the COST Action IS 0702 human rights research project, conducted by the Association of Human Rights Institutes (AHRI), came to an end. It involved among others a working group on human rights and development tools, in which GGSJ Senior Research Member and ISS Professor of International Law and Development Karin Arts took part as an invited external expert.

For a downloadable copy of the complete set of the final policy recommendations of COST Action IS 0702 see http://www.cost.eu/library/newsroom/humanrights

Karin’s contribution addresses ‘Countering Violence Against Children in the Philippines: Positive RBA Practice Examples from Plan’. Her policy brief (and all others) are available through http://sas-space.sas.ac.uk/4660/2/COST_brief_FINAL_REV_JAN.pdf


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