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ul_logo_printStarting in October 2016, this monthly speaker series will feature renowned Dutch and  international socio-legal scholars.

Each speaker will give an hour long lecture about their own social-legal research in which specific attention will be paid to the use of socio-legal research methods.

One of the featured speakers is GGSJ Senior Researcher Jeff Handmaker.

The Leiden Socio-Legal Lecture Series is part of the multidisciplinary research profile area Interaction between Legal Systems.

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logo_enGGSJ Junior (PhD) researcher Kim Chi Tran participated in the 3rd Children’s Rights Research Symposium that took place between 14-15 October 2015 at the University of Antwerp.

The Symposium involved a small group of 33 researchers. Two-thirds of the group were PhD candidates, the rest were lecturers and professors, some of whom were members of the CREAN group. More than half were embedded within various legal studies and/or had been trained in these fields — especially the more senior academics. The rest were people from various disciplines in social sciences.

This diverse group was a reflection of the objective of the symposium which was focused on situating Children’s Rights Studies as an interdisciplinary field. Within this context, several interesting and engaging discussions took place. This blog briefly touches on a few conversations that have stayed with me and continue to be turned over in my mind although the conference has long passed. These were the exchanges about the tensions between academic research and activism, the challenges of interdisciplinary research, and the malleability of participatory research and its implications.

The conference was also an opportunity to explore how to share my research project and its progress in the form of a poster.

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