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GGSJ Senior Researcher and Associate Editor of European Political Science Review (EPSR), Karim Knio will be editing a new Handbook on the International Political Economy of the State, which will be published by Edward Elgar  publishers.

The handbook will add to Elgar’s Series of Handbooks of Research on International Political Economy (edited by Benjamin J. Cohen and Matthew Watson) covering issues such as migration, agriculture and food, production, trade, monetary relations and governance.

The new Handbook, which will include prominent scholars on the topic, offers a comprehensive picture of contemporary trends within IPE in relation to the State by highlighting its specific processes of historical contextualization. Its aim is twofold: (1) to offer a traditional and coherent overview of the main theories and themes in relation to the state and IPE and (2) to do so with a degree of ingenuity.

In offering a close and thorough look at the extant conceptualizations of the State and state institutions (formal and informal), the book will also bring theoretical coherence to the field.

The handbook should be available in 2018.edward-elgar1-300x88


Dr. Matt Bishop has joined the GGSJ Research Programme as a visiting researcher, courtesy of the Mundus MAPP programme co-ordinated by Dr. Karim Knio.

mbishopWe asked him to introduce himself and his work to us:

“I am a Lecturer in International Relations at the University of the West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago. I teach courses on small states, international relations theory, and international politics; I co-ordinate our MPhil/PhD programme; and I’m also the managing editor of the Caribbean Journal of International Relations & Diplomacy.

I’m originally from the UK, and spent my entire student life at the University of Sheffield, where I also did my PhD, the focus of which was a comparative analysis of development in the tiny islands of the Anglophone and Francophone Eastern Caribbean. This later became my book The Political Economy of Caribbean Development, which was published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2013. I remain attached to SPERI and manage a blog.


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