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Applications for the Critical Interdisciplinary Course on Children’s Rights (CICCR) are open at www.hr4dev.be.

HR4DEV-logoThe course will take place in Ghent from August 28th until September 9th 2016. CICCR maps the potential and limits of a children’s rights approach towards global and local issues concerning the human rights of children. Key themes include a multidisciplinary introduction to children’s rights, contextualizing children’s rights in (local) governance, global challenges to children’s rights in a local context (including diversity, poverty, migration and health), and critical approaches to children’s rights in research, policy and practice. The preliminary programme can now be found here.

The course organizers offer a limited amount of scholarships from VLIR-UOS and UNESCO to candidates who fulfill the application criteria. Scholarship applicants are welcome to submit their application form until April 15th. The deadline for self-funded participants is May 15th. Only complete applications submitted through the website will be considered.

For more information, please refer to www.hr4dev.be.

In 2013, Helen Hintjens and Karin Siegmann, together with researcher Professor Richard Staring from Erasmus University Rotterdam, and Dr. Ellen M.H. Mitchell, Senior Epidemiologist at the KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation, and a member of the Rotterdam Global Health Initiative network, received funding to carry out research on the health of undocumented women and men in two Dutch global cities, The Hague and Rotterdam.

Research objectives

(i) To establish a valid and reliable empirical overview of undocumented women and men’s perceived basic health needs, their health-seeking behaviour and key obstacles to realising healthcare in two Dutch global cities;

(ii) To identify existing good practices in health governance in Dutch global cities;

(iii) Based on (i) and (ii), to provide information useful for policy-makers and governance bodies at national and local level, healthcare providers, undocumented migrants themselves, their representatives and support organisations among others, to improve health and contribute to improved health governance. More

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