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Public Seminar at ISS, co-sponsored by ISS-GGSJ and Greenpeace

oposaDate: Wed, 7 October 2015
Time: 16.15 – 17.30 hrs.
Venue: ISS (The Hague)

Tony Oposa, who joins the ISS GGSJ Research Group as a short-term visiting scholar in 2015, is a well-known environmental law activist from the Philippines. His work is internationally noted for the cases he fought to protect the Philippines’ natural patrimony. In 1990, he initiated a case to seek protection of his country’s tropical rainforests. The Oposa case was brought on behalf of both current and future generations of children. It challenged the Philippines’ government practice of issuing massive timber logging concessions licenses, which had among others resulted in rapid deforestation, floods and displacement of indigenous people. Ultimately, Tony won the case and made the Supreme Court of the Philippines formulate the concept of inter-generational responsibility, the right to a balanced and healthful ecology and the notion of inter-generational responsibility to preserve that ecology. The fact that the children involved were recognized in their right to sue, on their own behalf and on behalf of generations yet unborn, was a major achievement for environmental law and legal action. Various other cases and courses of action followed since. At present Tony is among others involved in initiatives to persuade the UN General Assembly to request an Advisory Opinion from the International Court of Justice (based in The Hague) that would clarify the obligations of states in relation to climate change.

In this seminar Tony will share his stories and experiences in standing up for climate justice for future generations with you. If you are interested in environmental action, legal mobilization and/or children’s rights, please join in!

Contact person: Professor Karin Arts.

Forthcoming Governance Lectures

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23 Sep 2015

There are two forthcoming lunchtime lectures on governance that we would like to bring to your attention

On 1 October 2015, Daphina Misiedjan, a PhD candidate at Utrecht University will present on: The human right to water in Suriname: a paradox of scarcity and abundance

On 8 October 2015, Dr. Nathanael Ali, lecturer and postdoc researcher at Erasmus School of law will present on Dynamism and the Erosion of Procedural Safeguards in International Governance of Terrorism

Both lectures will be held in room 4.01, from 13 – 14 hrs.

You are very welcome to attend!


Daphina Misiedjan

Nathanael Tilahun Ali

OUPOxford University Press has made more than 30 book chapters, journal articles and pieces of content from online resources freely accessible.

These resources, which include some from the Journal of Refugee Studies are meant to assist those working with refugees on the ground, as well as anyone who would like to know more about the framework of rights and obligations concerning refugees. The collection will be freely accessible at least until the end of 2015, and you can access it here:


You might also be interested in this article on the OUPblog by the JRS’s Editor Khalid Koser, which was published to coincide with the collection.

Postdoc in Global Governance

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15 Sep 2015

2016-18 Post-Doctoral Fellowships in Global Governance

McgillInstitute for the Study of International Development, McGill University

Two Postdoctoral Fellowships in Global Governance will be awarded for a two-year period starting in September 2015. Each Fellowship includes a yearly stipend of $55,000 CAD and a yearly research allowance of $10,000 CAD.

Postdoctoral Fellows in Global Governance will be selected based on the demonstrated ways that their proposed research can contribute to developing better policies for global governance, as well as the fit between their proposed research and academic resources at McGill. Global governance is considered to include the formal and informal rules and practices designed to promote sustainable, inclusive development and democratic governance.  While such rules and practices would typically be applicable at the supranational and transnational levels, they also include local or national examples that demonstrate the potential for wider application.


GGSJ Senior Researcher Dr. Helen Hintjens will be speaking at a migration conference in Bucharest, Romania on 1 and 2 October 2015.

EUROMFThe conference is organised by Euromf (European Midfield) and supported financially by the European Union. It focuses on the “commitment of social partners to tackle social exclusion within the labour market”, and in particular on “tackling problems of migrant workers from inside and outside the EU”.

Dr. Hintjens will present on “Migrants in Europe and European Policies”.

The Global Public Policy Institute (GPPi), together with our international partners, has launched the call for applications for the fourth round of the Global Governance Futures – Robert Bosch Foundation Multilateral Dialogues, GGF 2027.

GGFGGF is a fellowship program that brings together young professionals from Germany, China, Japan, India and the US to look ahead 10 years and recommend ways to address global challenges.

N.B. You must be a national from one of these five, mentioned countries to be eligible.

GGF are looking for 25 individuals from the five participating countries to join GGF 2027. The selected GGF fellows will form three working groups that will each focus on the issues of data governance, global health and transnational terrorism, respectively. Please help us forward this opportunity to the young professionals in your organization. You will find the application as well as the requirements on the GGF program website.

On 17 September 2015, Nathanael Ali will defend his PhD Dissertation at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

The title of his dissertation is: Dynamism and the Erosion of Procedural Safeguards in International Governance of Terrorism


Nathanael is based within the Erasmus School of Law (ESL) at EUR, where he is also a lecturer. He has been supervised by Professor Ellen Hey (promoter) of the ESL and Dr. Jeff Handmaker (co-promoter), GGSJ senior researcher at ISS.

From September 2015, he will be employed as a Post Doc researcher in the Research Excellence Initiative in which several researchers at ESL and ISS are participating.

You can find Nathanael Ali’s profile here.

Date: 17 September 2015

Time: 15.30 hrs

Place: Senaatszaal, Campus Woudestein (EUR), Rotterdam.

GGSJ Junior (PhD) Researcher and Prominent Journalist, Mohamed Omer, has published a new book.

Shellshocked-cover-The book, which was launched in Gaza City in August 2015 is entitled Shell-Shocked: On The Ground Under Israel’s Gaza Assault and is an exhaustive account of Israel’s so-called Operation Protective Edge, launched in early July 2014. As Omer explains:

“this was the third major Israeli assault on the Gaza Strip in six years. It was also the most deadly. By the conclusion of hostilities some seven weeks later, 2,200 of Gaza’s population had been killed, and more than 10,000 injured.”

Already the book has received acclaim from a host of prominent academics and journalists, including Noam Chomsky, Judith Butler, John Pilger and Jon Snow.

More information about the book is available on the publisher’s website.

Omer also published an Op-Ed piece in the New York Times, which was published on 24 August 2015.MOmerbooklaunch


Visiting Academic Staff though EUSA_ID Programme

pic Paremoer 2009_smallDr. Lauren Paremoer from the University of Cape Town, South Africa, is currently visiting the ISS as part of the EU-funded project – Capacity Building in Higher Education for an improved cooperation between the EU and South Africa in the field of Development Studies (EUSA_ID).

The EUSA_ID Consortium, coordinated by the Ruhr University of Bochum, involves 6 European and 6 South African universities and has been operational since mid-2014.

Dr. Paremoer, who has been awarded an EUSA_ID academic staff mobility grant, will be hosted by the GGSJ research programme, including by Dr. Jeff Handmaker.

Paremoer is converting her earlier research on the way that HIV/AIDS treatment struggles have shaped the scope and content of social citizenship in post-apartheid South Africa, into a book manuscript. Dr. Paremoer will be visiting the ISS until the beginning of November 2015. She can be contacted in room 1.07.

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