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GGSJ researchers at the International Institute of Social Studies of Erasmus University Rotterdam are alarmed at the ill-informed and increasingly racist tone of the “debate” in Europe on migration.

This “debate” is focused on narrow sectarian interests; it misses a social justice perspective, and not least the voices of migrants themselves.

In 2014, GGSJ researchers led by Dr. Thanh Dam Truong completed a 2-year, IDRC-funded project involving a global network of researchers. A book published by Springer, entitled Migration, Gender and Social Justice (available as an open access publication) was accompanied by a series of Policy Briefs.

These policy briefs, aimed at policy makers and the general public, make clear that this is a GLOBAL issue and not just a European one.

For example, one policy brief address the experiences of Senegalese women in Spain.



All publications are available on the project website: www.iss.nl/IDRC.

Contact person: Jeff Handmaker

Latest from ISS research fellow Omar Barghouti

New-York-Times-LogoIsraeli Extremism Will Encourage Global Boycott

Shedding democratic pretenses and adopting unmasked colonial policies will enhance a movement that’s been a serious threat to Israel.

Omar Barghouti*
New York Times – May 8, 2015


Israel has elected the most fanatic governments in its history. But many Palestinian human rights activists and politicians expect this government, an unpalatable cocktail of right, far-right and fundamentalist Jewish parties, to be the mother of all silver-lined clouds.

This drastic shift to the right cannot, in the short term, bode well for Palestinians languishing under Israel’s regime of oppression. The siege of Gaza, the illegal construction of settlements, especially in Jerusalem, the destruction of Palestinian communities in the Jordan Valley and the Naqab (Negev) will get worse, exacting an even steeper human price.


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