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doshishauniversity‘The varieties of human security analysis – a study of National and Regional Human Development Reports’

Date: 9 October 2013, 13-14 hrs

Location: Room 4.25

Lunchtime seminar by Oscar Gómez (Doshisha University, Japan), for the GGSJ research programme (Governance, Globalization and Social Justice)

During the seminar Dr. Gomez will outline the study and its findings:

(1)    A variety of types of report has emerged:-

  • one type (‘comprehensive mapping’) tries to survey all major threats to basic values, and how they may be interconnected;
  • a second type (sometimes called ‘citizen security’) concentrates in depth on threats to security of people’s own bodies and property;
  • a third type looks at securing or restoring the effectiveness of probably the key means for human security (but also sometimes a major source of human insecurity), the State;
  • a fourth type seeks to identify in a case-specific way the key challenges and threats that arise in a particular country/region in a particular period.

These types can usefully complement each other.

(2)    Many insights arise into how analyses of human security and insecurity are being attempted, including through a combination of quantitative and qualitative work and (not the same) of ‘objective’ and ‘subjective’ work, and into both the potential value-added from this approach and the possible pitfalls.

Everybody is welcome.


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