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For those who have missed it – the 3rd ISS cookbook was launched during the Dies celebration. The book was presented by Raphaela Hahn and Abdelhadi Abdel Ghafar Mohamed Mohamedahmed (Hady), the two students who currently study here on a tuition waver, funded by the sale of the 2nd ISS cookbook.

The presented the first cookbooks to Mrs Pauline van der Meer Mohr, Professor Robert Chambers and Mr Jozias van Aartsen.

You can pick up a cookbook for 5 euro from the offices of Karin Hirdes (3.19), Karen Shaw (1.24) or Annet van Geen (4.22) .

We also have a gift box with all three cookbooks (25 euro). This is a collector’s item, as only 100 boxes were made because that is all that is left of the first cookbook!

We hope to see all of you, not just buying a book for yourself, but they make great gifts! Hopefully we will soon be able to give a tuition fee waiver to a prospective student again!

If you have ideas how and where to sell lots of books, please let us know.

The cookbook team

Annet, Karin and Karen

ECD Professor Peter van Bergeijk organized the lustrum art exhibition Derivatives.

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