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22 Sep 2014

ECD RPThis week, the 2013/2014 MA ECD students will present first draft of their research papers. The Economics of Development students will present their preliminary findings in the areas of the two main specialization: Econometric Analysis of Development Policy and the Global Economy. An overview of the research areas in progress are:

The privatisation of markets management in Kampala City and its implications on the informal market vendors (Ruth Abesiga, Uganda)

The effect of trade liberalization policy on food security in Bangladesh (Sabiha Afrin, Bangladesh)

An Investigation of Macroeconomic Determinants and Trends of domestic private investment: evidence from Ethiopia (Esubalew Tadele Agidew , Ethiopia)

The dynamics f inflation in Ethiopia: Empirical Analysis since 1999-2013 G.C. (Habtamu Getnet Altasseb, Ethiopia)

Global Inequality, Global Institutions and Power (Holger Apel, German)

Determinants of food insecurity in Rural Ethiopia (Hiwot Yirgu Astemir, Ethiopia)

Quantitative Easing & Recapitalization Policies of the Federal Reserve: Promises and Outcomes in the Wake of the Great Recession (Julia Buchik, America)

Impacts of Aid or Official Development Assistance (ODA) on Afghanistan Economic Perfomance since 2001 (Mohammad Rahman Fazily, Afghanistan)

Informal Economy, Institutions and Credit Systems in Egypt, Tunisia, ad occupied Palestinian Territories. A case study (Andrea Floridi, Italy)

Determinates of off-farm activities and its income in rural Ethiopia (Tesfaye Yohannes Gagabo, Ethiopia)

Scale and technical efficiency of Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (Solomon Demissie Gizaw, Ethiopia)

Financial development and conflict: a cross-country analysis (Md Rashel Hasan, Bangladesh)

Maternal Education and Child Health in Ethiopia (Kedir Yesuf Hassen, Ethiopia)

An analysis of intra-group economic inequalities among different ethnic groups In Nepal (Bimala Kafle Wagle, Nepal)

Have regulation policy intitiatives implemented by FIFA institutions reinforced processes of labour migration from the global South (periphery) to the Northern (core) countries? (Francesco Mariotti, Italy)

Does the formal economic tie with the South African economy bring economic (benefits) growth to the Namibian economy? (Abigail Vijandjua Nainda, Namibia)

To investigate the effects of exchange rate on the current account balances: comparison of Kenya and Tanzania (Grephas Onyango Ogutu, Kenya)

Integration of ports in global supply chains (Jessica Saat, Netherland)

Payroll tax and employement in Brazil (Clovis Roberto Scherer, Brazil)

Manufacturing sector productivity during times of hyperinflation. A case of Zimbabwe’s manufacturing firms (Puruweti Siyakiya, Zimbabwe)

The effect of foreign aid on domestic private investment growth in the eastern African countries (Dereje Mossie Terefe, Ethiopia)

Assessment of Factors affecting cost control in Rwandan Manufacturing Firms (Carine Uwitonze, Rwanda)

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