Rolph van der Hoeven at the 65 years of Dutch development debate

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2 Sep 2014

Rolph van der HoevenOn the eve of the 65th anniversary of the Dutch development cooperation: time for a party? That remains to be seen: the challenges in the global fight against poverty are still high. It seems time for a radical change: a new agenda for international cooperation. 65 years after the start of the Dutch development the VICE VERSA  look ahead to the major challenges for development in an inspiring evening at the Warehouse the Silent, which they discuss with representatives of research institutions, civil society organizations, entrepreneurs, government officials, politicians and journalists about the future of development.

Including Rolph van der Hoeven (ISS), Jan Pronk, Paul Hoebink, Lau Schulpen (CIDIN), Stefan Verwer (Lokaalmondiaal), Farah Karimi (Oxfam Novib) and Rob Swartbol (DGIS).

During the evening, the book will now what? 65 years of Dutch development cooperation (Verwer, Schulpen & Ruben) are presented. In here, 40 leading experts from the Dutch development world their vision for the future of development cooperation.

This debate is an initiative of the Lokaalmondiaal, in collaboration with the CIDIN, LM Publishers, Oxfam Novib, Partos and Vice Versa.

The debate is part of the Partos Innovation Festival. The entrance fee is 7.50 euros (online sales start September 2).

Date:   02/10/2014

Time:   19:30

Place:   Pakhuis de Zwijger

             Piet Heinkade 179


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