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ECD 2014/15 Students

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29 Aug 2014

Congratulation Economics of Development!

ECD logoThe latest number of students of Economics of Development for the 2014/15 academic year is 49, of which 23 male and 26 female from 19 countries. This level is the highest in history of the specialization. The specialization provides students with the theoretical knowledge, policy awareness, and analytical techniques to tackle many of the key issues facing their countries in respect of economic development and economic policy analysis.

     Country                       Male     Female       Students by Country

  1. Bangladeshi            2              0               2
  2. Chinese                  0              1               1
  3. Colombian              0              1               1
  4. Costa Rica              1              0               1
  5. Dutch                     1               0               1
  6. Eritrean                 1               0               1
  7. Ethiopian               1               0               1
  8. German                  1               0               1
  9. Ghanaian               0               1               1
  10. Indian                  2               0               2
  11. Indonesian          10            18             28
  12. Kenyan                 0               0              1
  13. Mexican                1               0              1
  14. Nicaraguan          0               1               1
  15. Russian                1               0              1
  16. Sudanese            1                0              1
  17. Tanzania             2                0              2
  18. Ugandan             0                1              1
  19. Zambian              0               1              1



papyrakisDr. Elissaios (Eliseos) Papyrakis will be joining the ‘Economics of Development and Emerging Markets’ research group on the 1st of September. He is a development macroeconomist, whose main research interests lie in the intersection of economic growth and environmental issues. His work involves both theoretical and empirical analysis. Much of his research has focused on the long-term economic growth processes of developing economies, in particular with reference to those exporting mineral resources. His ongoing and recent research concerns development issues linked to mineral extraction, gender inequality, ethnic fragmentation, globalisation, disasters risk, climate change, and marine conservation. Much of his research is based on cross-country comparative analysis and he has extensive work experience in the developing world (Ethiopia, Zambia, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, Laos). He has a Ph.D. in Economics from the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, an MSc in Economics from the University of Bristol (cum laude) and a BSc in International Economics from the Athens University of Economics and Business. He is also affiliated with the School of International Development of the University of East Anglia.

Matthias RiegerDr. Matthias Rieger is a micro-development economist with interests in experimental economics and applied econometrics. He is joining the ISS as Assistant Professor in Development Economics. Previously he was post-doctoral Max Weber Fellow (training program funded by the European Commission) in Economics at the European University Institute, Florence. He received his PhD in International Economics at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva, in 2013. Matthias is also an academic associate with the Development Impact Evaluation Initiative at the World Bank and has conducted impact evaluations and household surveys in Morocco, the Central African Republic, Cambodia and Burundi. At the ISS, Matthias will work on his research projects on social capital, health and economic development. Papers are forthcoming in international field journals like Economic Development and Cultural Change, Economics and Human Biology, as well as interdisciplinary journals such as The Journals of Gerontology and Feminist EconomicsPersonal website: http://matthiasrieger.weebly.com/


ECD-Double Degree participants  closing ceremony
































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Professor Yoon Jin Hwang is Professor and Head of the Department of Economics, GWNU (Gangneung Wonju National University), Gangneung, Korea. He arrived at ISS in August 2014 for a one year visiting scholarship. Yoon Jin studies various open and advanced economics.

Untitled“My major is international economics, so I’m interested in trade and industry, in particular, the role, function and competitiveness, etc., of service industry sector are the first fields of interest. Also, I’d like to study about trade patterns of service industries are not active so far among the countries.”

Professor Hwang’s Recent publications include “Non-linear Relationship between Financial Development and Industry Growth in Korea” Journal of International Growth and Commerce, 10, 2. Pp. 769-789. and “Relationship between Financial Development and Growth: Focusing on the Effect of Industry Dependence on External Finance and Industry Growth Opportunities ”, The Journal of the Korea Economics Association, 14, 4. pp. 346-354.

Mohammad ZulfanThis book uniquely examines four types of violent conflicts pertinent to contemporary Indonesia framed in a theoretical approach of grievance, greed and social contract. The overall process of democratization and decentralization has become a major force in catalysing the transformation of non-cooperative behaviours of secessionist and inter-ethnic violence to cooperative interactions of centre–regional relations and inter-ethnic political coalitions. Exploring secessionist, ethnic, routine-everyday and electoral violence conflict, the book seeks to discover what socio-economic development can do to overcome conflict and violence in Indonesia and make the country’s transition to democracy safe for its constituencies.



From: 04 September 2014 13:00
Till:    04 September 2014 14:00

Room: 4.42


Mohammad Zulfan Tadjoeddin is a Senior Lecturer in Development Studies at the University of Western Sydney, Australia. He has held visiting research appointments at the Queen Elizabeth House (QEH) of the University of Oxford, UK and at the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) of Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands. His book titled Explaining Collective Violence in Contemporary Indonesia: From Conflict to Cooperation is published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2014.  His articles have appeared in leading academic journals, such as Journal of Development Studies, Journal of Peace Research, Oxford Development Studies, Journal of East Asian Studies, Journal of International Development, Civil Wars, Economics of Peace and Security Journal and Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy. He has consulted for various UN agencies such as ILO, UNDP and UNICEF.

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