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EDEM researchers Natascha Wagner and Binyam Afewerk Demena gave a presentation on their research topic on Saturday 28 June at the annual International Conference of the  German Economic Association  Research Group on Development Economics.

The annual conference brings together international scholars and researchers of development economics and neighboring fields.

The 2014 Conference on Development Economics and Policy took place  from  27 to 28 June in Passau (Germany), and is hosted by the University of Passau

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Wagner_compressedNatascha Wagner (with S. Quimbo, J. Florentino, O. Solon, J. Peabody): Do Health Reforms  To Improve Quality Have Long-term Effects?

We tracked doctors who had previously participated in a randomized policy experiment in  the Philippines. The original experiment involved 30 district hospitals divided equally into  one control site and two interventions sites that increased insurance payments (full  insurance support for children under 5 year old) or made bonus payments to hospital staff.  During the three years of the intervention, quality- as measured by clinical performance and  value (CPV) vignettes – improved and was sustained in both intervention sites compared to  controls. Five years after the interventions were discontinued, we re-measured the quality of  care of the doctors. We found that the intervention sites continued to have significantly  higher quality compared to the control sites. The previously documented quality  improvement in intervention sites appears to be sustained; moreover it was subject to a  very low (less than 1 percent per year) rate of decay in quality scores.

Profile_Picture_2Binyam Afewerk Demena: New Wine in Old Bottles: A Meta-Analysis of FDI and Productivity  Spillovers in Developing Countries

Empirical results of Foreign Direct Investment on domestic firms productivity spillovers are  clearly mixed. This study reviews the intra-sectoral heterogeneity of productivity spillovers  from FDI in a large sample of developing countries. I investigate publication selection bias, and estimate the underlying empirical FDI-spillover effects. I collect 1,545 spillover estimates  conducted by 96 researchers from 74 empirical studies dealing with 31 developing countries  for the period of 1983 to 2013. My results suggest that FDI-spillover effects are tainted with  moderate to substantial publication bias. In combination with model misspecifications of the  primary studies, the bias overstates the Meta-effect by more than 55 per cent of the actual  magnitude of the effect. Once the biases have been corrected, the Meta-effect in the  context of developing countries is economically significant. Most importantly, I find that  spillovers and their sign depend systematically on the heterogeneity of method and  publication characteristics. Results are robust for different methods, and the study has  identified critical measurement errors of the previous Meta-Analyses.

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